Although he was originally elected in 2002 as a fairly standard-issue conservative Republican, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, has moved in a different direction in recent years. He has increasingly flirted with the line dividing nationalism and racism, all while consistently asserting that an over-eager media and a hyper-globalist Left are intentionally misconstruing his words and actions.

Okay, then. In that case, why on Earth would King go out of his way to step into the Toronto's mayoral race and endorse overt white nationalist Faith Goldy?

Goldy doesn't deal in principled protectionism, opposition to lawless immigration, or capitalist conservatism. No, she believes the world's population, resources, and space are a zero-sum game, and that the growth of non-white communities is tantamount to white genocide.

Because Goldy came from The Rebel, a Canadian news outlet similar to Breitbart, many Canadians on the hard right defended her — until Charlottesville starkly split off the fringe of the Right. Much to the horror of her colleagues, Goldy attended the unabashedly racist Unite the Right rally, rolling her eyes on film moments before a neo-Nazi murdered counterprotester Heather Heyer. Rebel Media founder Brian Lilley and two employees resigned in protest.

Goldy subsequently appeared the podcast the Krypto Report, acknowledging that attending Charlottesville was a "poor decision." This assertion might have held a little more weight if the Krypto Report weren't hosted by neo-Nazis at The Daily Stormer, the website which advocates for the extermination of Jews and the legalization of rape.

After that, Goldy — who's not anti-Semitic, she swears! — embarked on her bid to become Toronto's next mayor, all while promoting books calling for the genocide of Jews, publicly declaring the infamous 14-word credo of neo-Nazism, and seriously entertaining the "Jewish question."

So for King, who has already had to defend at best questionable moves like displaying a Confederate flag and declaring that he wants an "America so homogeneous that we all look the same," to needlessly endorse such a flagrantly racist and anti-Republican candidate, from another country no less, is unconscionable.

Endorsing Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orban, and Geert Wilders were bad enough, but King's endorsement of Goldy is much worse. It undeniably crosses the line from political extremism to outright immorality. He should retract and apologize to his Jewish constituents, at the very least.