Democrats had a terrible election night on Tuesday, highlighted by the GOP sweep of top offices in Virginia. But it was the party’s left wing that suffered the most, as two big losses in Democratic cities rubbed salt in the wound.

The death of George Floyd led to a ridiculous movement to defund or abolish police departments across the country. Minneapolis became ground zero for that fight, with Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar leading the push to abolish the city’s police department. Minneapolis held a referendum on replacing its police with a “Department of Public Safety,” which would give the incompetent city council (which promised to abolish its police department) even more control over the city’s public safety.

It failed miserably. With over 143,000 votes reported, the measure failed by a 56%-44% margin. That may seem close, but Minneapolis is a pretty far-left city.

Meanwhile, a victory the Left had won earlier in upstate New York is now likely to be reversed. In June, socialist India Walton upset incumbent Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown in the Democratic primary. Brown then launched a write-in campaign. Despite being the only candidate on the ballot and despite the backing of New York City's Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Walton appears to have lost to a Brown write-in candidacy. Although it will take some time to tally the write-ins, Brown has already declared victory, and there are nearly 11,000 more votes for write-in candidates than there are for Walton with 92% of the vote reported.

The best-case scenario for Walton is that she limps to victory as the sole candidate on the ballot, despite the backing of AOC and New York Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. More likely, she is headed toward a brutal defeat after socialists had enjoyed such high hopes about winning their first major-city mayoralty in decades.

That would be two massive losses for the Left on two of the biggest issues they have decided to push: socialism and defunding the police. These weren’t losses forced by Republican campaigns, such as the ones Virginia’s Democrats experienced. These are Democrat-run cities. Minneapolis is Omar’s backyard, and AOC crossed her own state to campaign for Walton. The Squad’s top two players stepped out on the branch, and Democratic voters sawed it off behind them.

It was the best possible election night for the country. Not only did Democrats pay for their destructive policies with an embarrassing defeat in Virginia, but the Left was resoundingly rejected as well. As Democrats search for answers following their defeat — or rather, as they casually blame racism and avoid searching for answers — it’s clear that the answer is not to embrace their party's left wing.