Congressional Democrats increasingly question the patriotism of those military servicemen and police officers who protect this country without ever acknowledging their courage and bravery.

And they did it again this week by introducing H.R. 350, a bill that labels many of our police officers and military members little more than "white supremacists and neo-Nazis." On Thursday, after witnessing this, Sen. Rand Paul decided it was time to protect the protectors.

"This bill should be called by a more accurate name: the Democrat plan to brand our police and soldiers as white supremacists and neo-Nazis," Paul said. "How insulting. The bill just states it as a fact there at the beginning of Section 5. It creates an interagency task force quote 'to analyze and combat White supremacist and neo-Nazi infiltration of the uniformed services and Federal law enforcement agencies.'"

There is something fundamentally wrong with Democrats today. They seem to have more in common with the Bolsheviks of last century's Soviet Union, given their disdain for the country, than the average American. Their entire political existence is predicated on hating nearly everything about this country. Thankfully, Paul called them out on this.

"We knew that Democrats despise and want to defund the police, but now, they believe that the police, federal law enforcement, and the U.S. military are full of white supremacists and neo-Nazis?" Paul asked.

Much of what the Democrats have been doing under Biden should cause alarm. They constantly warn about protecting our democracy, yet they are the ones consistently looking to eradicate its liberties in exchange for advancing their political platform. Whether it is vilifying the police or creating a "disinformation board," Democrats are motivated by greed, power, and authority. They seek to impose their political will by violating everyone's civil liberties.

"Those of us who still care about the Bill of Rights just got done taking down the DHS 'Ministry of Truth,' and a day later, Democrats want to create the DHS Thought Police. You couldn't make it up if you tried. But they don't stop there," Paul said.

"The bill creates two other Thought Police offices at the Department of Justice and at the FBI, which seems like a self-defeating choice, since elsewhere in the bill, we are told that federal law enforcement is shot through with white supremacists and neo-Nazis."

Furthermore, Paul highlighted the despicable left-wing political theater and propaganda behind the introduction of this legislation.

"But again, none of the bill makes sense. It doesn't make sense because it was a bill that was never intended to become law. It's a dumb, Washington talking points memo masquerading as legislation," Paul said. "But congressional Democrats have gotten so radical, so extreme, and so out-of-touch with the American people that when they read it, they see something worthwhile."

"This bill will fail today because the Democrats' message — hate the police, defund the police, slander the military and police as racists and white supremacists — has been roundly rejected by the American people," Paul said.

It's one thing to want to root out bad actors among the military and the police. But to say wantonly there is a "white-supremacist and neo-Nazi infiltration" is crossing the line. The fact that this legislation was even considered is disgraceful.