Voting the wrong way could be bad for your health. That’s the message Planned Parenthood sent to centrist Republicans and red-state Democrats considering the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. It was a barely veiled threat delivered from the twitter account of the lobbying arm of the nation's largest abortion provider:

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The rhyme is simple, but the threat isn’t idle. Planned Parenthood has a large base of political donors. It hasn’t been afraid to throw around its weight. The abortion giant opposed the Kavanaugh nomination from the beginning, dropping big six-figure ads against vulnerable Republicans like Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada and even more insulated Republicans like Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

Planned Parenthood is playing for keeps, and the latest threat is further evidence that all of this is about just one thing. They believe that Kavanaugh could be the fifth vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. The nominee has said that Roe is settled law. But of course, nothing in law is truly settled — nor would anyone want it to be, or else we'd still have the Supreme Court precedents, longstanding in their day, that justified segregation.

The abortion lobby isn’t taking any chances though, and even before the allegations of sexual assault, they were gunning for the nominee. The only difference is that hysteria is emboldening and the abortion industry doesn’t even bother cloaking its threats against U.S. senators anymore.