Perhaps I’m too optimistic, but right now, it looks like the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade on a 5-4 vote. If this does happen, and that’s still a big “if,” it will be one of the biggest wins for conservatism in the past several decades. But it will not come without a cost.

The backlash from abortion advocates and Democrats will be fierce. Congressional leftists have already threatened to pack the Supreme Court if the bench rules against Roe, and they might even find the public support necessary for such a radical move if Roe is overturned. Democratic voters will be energized by their party’s alarmism, which means Republicans’ expected electoral victory in the 2022 midterm elections could be stymied as well.

But as bad as the political consequences will be, the cultural ones will be much worse. To be sure, congressional Democrats are a threat to conservatives, but woke corporations are an even bigger threat. We already know that most companies cave to the demands of leftist activists as soon as they face an ounce of pressure. We also know many of these companies won’t stop with statements of condemnation. They will act against states that restrict abortion and make it as financially difficult as possible for Republican states to be pro-life states.

Remember when North Carolina passed its so-called "bathroom bill" so that the city of Charlotte could not force the acceptance of biological men into public women's bathrooms? The state lost millions of dollars in revenue as a result. PayPal tossed its plans to build a facility there that would have added an estimated $2.66 billion to the state’s economy. Musician Ringo Starr canceled a concert that cost a town’s amphitheater nearly $33,000 in revenue. The NCAA refused to hold championship events in North Carolina until the bill was partially repealed, as did the NBA. The result was that Republican legislators caved and agreed to revise the law.

Political pressure is one thing. Financial pressure, however, is something almost every lawmaker who hopes to keep their job wants to avoid.

What happened in North Carolina will happen in just about every Republican state that moves to restrict abortion if the Supreme Court does overturn Roe. We saw a hint of this when Georgia passed its "heartbeat" bill.

This means we need to elect lawmakers who will have the guts to withstand intense pressure — lawmakers who care more about what’s right than who’s writing checks to their reelection campaigns.

That won’t be easy. None of it will be. In fact, overturning Roe might actually be the easiest part of all of this — and that will have taken nearly 50 years of litigation to accomplish.

In other words, overturning Roe is just the beginning of the battle over abortion. This will be our next cultural Armageddon, and conservatives must be ready.