In the age of President Trump, I regard polls and pollsters as irrelevant and useless. Ever since Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign, the Washington establishment continually got it wrong at every turn.

The major reason pollsters get it wrong is their contempt for Trump and his base. The influencers and opinion-makers in Washington D.C. have thrown objectivity out the window in an all-out assault in destroying Donald Trump. They have became delusional, believing their own opinions are the opinions shared by the majority of Americans. On Nov. 6, they will be befuddled once again when the Republicans manage to keep the Senate — and possibly the House.

As we approach the halfway mark of Donald Trump's presidency, Democrats still have offered little beyond identity politics, rage, and anger.

The Democrats' base has bullied and harassed Republicans from Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz all the way to Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders from restaurants to public spaces. I highly doubt Americans will reward this kind of incivility at the voting booths.

Today, the Left isn’t interested in pragmatism, compromise, or incremental changes. They believe America was stolen, the West is nothing but colonizers, and the concept of fatherhood is just the patriarchy.

The Establishment can keep calling us deplorable racists, but the Trump supporters are the ones defending the principles of our Founding Fathers. Frankly, we're fighting for a lot of what the Democratic Party used to stand for. Remember John F. Kennedy's "ask not what your country can do for you"? Remember the idea that aid programs should provide a “Hand Up not a Hand Out"? Remember Kennedy's tax cuts?

While the media is calling this the “Year Of The Woman,” I believe this will be the Year of The Hidden Trump Voter. The polls are irrelevant because there is no way of polling the hidden Trump voter. If the "Blue Wave" never materializes, prepare for a shock almost equal to what the Establishment experienced two years ago.