The recent revelation that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee issued a subpoena based on blatant lies is just one more indication of that mob’s illegitimacy. The train of abuses includes stacking the committee with Trump-haters and belligerently biased members of Congress, removing Republicans from the committee who were appointed by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, and issuing a bogus contempt citation of Steve Bannon, who was awaiting a judicial determination on former President Donald Trump’s claim of executive privilege.

But of all the creepy machinations of this gang of contemptible characters, the boneheaded issuance of a subpoena to former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik takes the cake.

With the incompetency of a certain cackling vice president, Rep. Bennie Thompson’s committee put out a public statement that Kerik was attending a meeting in Washington, D.C., to plan the overthrow of the 2020 presidential election.

Oops! Turns out multiple sources demonstrate the committee got it wrong. This gang can’t shoot straight. Tollbooth records prove Kerik was hundreds of miles away in New York. That substantiates Kerik’s public domain testimony.

In support of the Kerik subpoena, the committee offered a letter written and signed by Thompson in which he made the extraordinary assertion, “You [Kerik] reportedly participated in a meeting on January 5, 2021 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., in which Rudolph Giuliani, Stephen Bannon, John Eastman, and others discussed options for overturning the results of the November 2020 election, such as among other things, pressuring Vice President Pence to not certify the electoral college results.”

Thompson then quixotically cites page 234 of the Woodward and Costa book Peril and a Washington Post piece.

The Thompson letter further asserts that Kerik helped pay for “rooms and suites” at the Willard. But the problem with the fictional narrative affixed to the Kerik subpoena is just that: It is a work of fiction. This can’t simply be shrugged off as a simple mistake. After all, the authors of Peril said Kerik is not even mentioned in their book at all!

The long train of abuses by Pelosi’s Jan. 6 gang of legislative terrorists evinces malevolent intentions, not mere incompetence. It demonstrates the illegitimacy of the committee. They are into witch hunts. They see shadows and ghosts where there are none. There is obviously no integrity in the members of the committee.

Pelosi recently claimed she and her minions are operating at a higher standard. If that’s the case, she should disband the committee and bring the off-track chairman, Bennie Thompson, in for the same treatment she foists upon Republicans.

If the proponents of the subpoena had tried to palm off supporting material filled with prevarications such as the Thompson letter to a federal court, they would be guilty of a federal offense. One wonders whether Pelosi will refer her own committee to the Department of Justice for an investigation like she sent Steve Bannon.

For that matter, was the supporting information for the Bannon subpoena, and all other subpoenas issued thus far, as bogus as the Thompson letter was to the Kerik subpoena?

The Durham investigation has found abuses and lies in the Steele dossier propounded by Pelosi and others, just as the inspector general found multitudes of affidavit errors in obtaining orders from the FISA Court.

The DOJ should now investigate the integrity of every subpoena issued by Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee. Better still, Pelosi should admit that it’s time to pull the plug on the illegitimate monstrosity.

Andy Biggs, Scott Perry, Jody Hice, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Scott DesJarlais, Mary Miller, Clay Higgins, and Andrew Clyde are members of the House Freedom Caucus.