San Francisco's mayor is finally demanding a crackdown on the violent crime wave sweeping her city and the nation.

Mayor London Breed blasted the "bulls***" criminals "destroying" San Francisco, demanding more aggressive policing especially as it pertains to smash-and-grab robberies and fentanyl sales. It's a breath of fresh air from someone unconstrained by the criminal-coddling stupidity that has recently swept her political party.

Bill de Blasio, the communist Yale grad, was never going to be the one to say it. It was never going to be Eric Garcetti, son of Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti. It certainly wasn't going to be Nancy Pelosi, the silver-spooned political scion, who technically represents San Francisco in Congress.

It had to be London Breed because, unlike the rest of the ruling class, she knows exactly how regressive the ravages of high crime really are.

Breed, who was raised by her grandmother in the inner-city projects, lost her sister to a drug overdose. Her brother is currently serving a 44-year sentence for manslaughter. Though Breed wrongly deferred to the activist wing of her party when she promised an unspecified amount of police funding to other social services, she has more than once stood against the worst pandemic-era excesses.

Breed, who relied on the public school system to escape poverty, publicly lambasted the city's teachers union for delaying the reopening of schools and focusing on their renaming instead. During the worst of last year's race riots, Breed excoriated violence masquerading as protest:

I think part of the problem, again, goes back to privilege. Because the people who came out to my home last time, they were all white and wearing masks and walking with these 'firework sticks' down the street chanting 'Black Lives Matter!' But then, they get to my house and start shooting these fireworks off and aiming them at my window and banging on the gate and calling me names to come outside. It was like, what? In the projects, when you come to somebody’s house, you are coming to get your butt beat. Because I will come out and throw some grits on you if you don’t back up! [Laughs] If you’re gonna come protest, come protest on something real. Not on some hypocrite stuff.

Voters can ignore the travesty at the border or forget what happened in Afghanistan. But on bread-and-butter issues like crime, Democrats' current trajectory is unsustainable. They cannot continue to escape the consequences of their obvious failures. Even the most liberal of voters cannot ignore grocery and gas bills skyrocketing, nor can they remain satisfied with their streets riddled with crime.

Someone on the Left had to sound the alarm. Breed, the rare leader who actually understands the consequences of high crime for the least privileged, was just the right Democrat to do it.