He's best known as the occupant of the presidential palace in Caracas. But who is Nicolas Maduro?

I think of him as a mix of William Shakespeare's tyrant, Macbeth, and BBC television's Mr. Blobby.

As with Macbeth, Maduro both illegitimately holds his office and is ill-suited to it. He lost democratic authority and ignored the Venezuelan constitution's vestiture of power in interim President Juan Guaido.

Then, there's Maduro's similarity to Mr. Blobby. A creation of the 1990s era television show, "Noel's House Party," Mr. Blobby is a fat idiot of unpredictable emotion and absurd activity, as exemplified in this short scene.

I developed my ideas about Maduro's pernicious Macbeth-Mr.Blobby hybrid while watching the fat, giggling Maduro tell starving families to adopt his insane "rabbit plan" — in the first video — and then from his own extravagant steak dinners abroad — in the second video.

To borrow from another Shakespearean play, Maduro's jest savors but of shallow wit in thousands more weeping at it than laughing.

Maduro is not some kind of absurd, but ultimately harmless, clown. Instead, he is a pathetic, immoral creature who encapsulates the horror of apex-socialism. Don't believe me? Then read this.