Immigration isn’t the only reason President Joe Biden is suffering from near-record low approval ratings. It is not even the biggest reason (that honor goes to inflation). But it was the first issue upon which voters gave him bad marks for, and it set a tone of incompetence and indifference to the real issues voters care about.

The New York Times does not help the Democratic Party when it consistently minimizes the crisis on the southern border and Biden’s role in creating it.

Just look at its story on Tuesday on how the shelters helping migrants caught and released by the Biden administration are being overwhelmed by the latest migrant wave.

The New York Times reports, “From the time President Biden took office through April, the government has admitted about a quarter of the undocumented migrants apprehended at the southwestern border, or about 700,000 out of 2.7 million, according to an analysis of federal data.”

Now, the New York Times does not identify what “federal data” it is referring to. Depending on your definition of “admitted,” this statement could plausibly be true. But then, in the very next sentence, the piece adds, “The rest have been swiftly expelled under an emergency public health order related to the pandemic, or sent back under another legal authority.”

The idea that Biden has expelled 2 million migrants who were arrested on the southern border and admitted only 700,000 is absolutely 100% false. Just ask Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who confirmed to Fox News’s Bret Baier that through March (not April), Biden’s DHS had already released 1,043,000 illegal migrants into the United States. If you add the 117,000 the DHS admitted it let in during the month of April, Biden has caught and released 1.16 million illegal immigrants into the country since he became president, or 460,000 more than the New York Times's number. The margin of error there is roughly the population of Miami.

The New York Times does not explain why its data do not match the data given to a federal court by the DHS. It is possible that this number is counting those migrants released with a “notice to appear” as “admitted.” But the fact is, Biden’s DHS has released hundreds of thousands more migrants on “parole.” Those migrants that have been “paroled” by Biden’s DHS are free to go wherever they want in the U.S. They definitely were not “sent back under another legal authority.”

The woke elite that runs the Democratic Party will only get away with terribly unpopular open-border policies if people don't understand what those open-border policies are and what a disaster they are causing. If the New York Times's coverage is any measure, the day when people will understand is still quite a long way off.