The media want you to believe the deck is stacked against Christine Blasey Ford and that the Senate Judiciary Committee should break its back accommodating her lawyer’s every wish to get her to testify next week — but the media have already stacked the deck against the accused, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee who Ford has accused of attempting to drunkenly rape her when they were teenagers, is the one coming into next week with two strikes against him: He’s white and a man.

The national discourse, still largely controlled by the national media, is now entirely dictated and dependent on who has the ”privilege” and who can claim victimhood.

Kavanaugh unfortunately holds the worst hand possible: He’s white, a man, and his accuser is a woman. (He can be thankful, however, that she’s white, too.)

To the media, that Kavanaugh is a white man and that the Republicans in control of the Judiciary Committee are all also white men is a problem to correct, thus it’s repeated over and over again on its own, without context as to why anyone should care.

Friday on MSNBC, Shareblue Media executive editor Jess McIntosh made the cliche comparison between the Kavanaugh controversy and Anita Hill’s hearing in 1991, saying, “It’s still all white men on the Republican side. There is no change between 1991 and 2018 if you look at the Republican side of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was all white men then, it’s all white men now.”

Remarking the previous day on the “optics” of Ford choosing to publicly testify, CNN analyst Gloria Borger said Senate Republicans “understand that you have all of these white men who would be questioning this woman…”

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” Joy Behar declared that “these white men” in the Senate “are protecting a man who's probably guilty.”

It’s never explained why being white and male is a demerit for Kavanaugh and the Senate Republicans. You’re simply supposed to accept that it is.

Ordinary person: Yeah, they’re white but I want to look at the evide—

Media: Hush, fool! They’re white, they’re men, and that’s all you need to know!

It’s repeated by the media and Democrats (plus Republicans scared of both) that Ford needs to be “treated with respect,” which has been defined solidly as, “Do everything she says and ask no questions about her story.”

Ford is the accuser, and yet her lawyer wants the Senate to make Kavanaugh, the accused, testify first next week. Maybe it’s time someone ask that Kavanaugh be “treated with respect.”

There’s no proof he’s done anything like what Ford is claiming, he’s denied it outright, and he’s said he’s willing to testify again.

There is one thing he could do to satisfy Democrats and their backers in the media: Withdraw his name before a confirmation vote.

Washington Post columnist David Von Drehle noted Tuesday that “if Kavanaugh scrapes by, every Republican justice named in the 21st century will have been a white male judge from a federal appeals court.” (Thanks, Von Drehle!)

His remedy to this, of course, is for Kavanaugh, having not been found guilty of anything, to go away.

“Kavanaugh can put the country ahead of his personal ambitions,” wrote Von Drehle. “While maintaining his innocence, he can withdraw for the sake of the court’s credibility. … And Trump can, at last, nominate a woman.”

Get rid of Kavanaugh because he’s a man — a white man! — and this all goes away. See? Easy.

Noted white man Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is of particular interest to the press because he sided with Clarence Thomas (black, but a man nonetheless) against Anita Hill in 1991 and now sides with Kavanaugh over Ford.

Summing up Hatch’s consistency on Wednesday, exasperated CNN analyst Maria Cardona said, “Wow, male white privilege does not dull with age, does it?”

On Monday, the New York Times editorial board reminded readers that “twenty-seven years later, Clarence Thomas remains on the court and the Republican side of the Judiciary Committee remains all male.” (The paper presumably declined to include “white” because that would lead to the trouble of explaining that white males had no problem confirming a black nominee.)

In a normal world, you could look at Ford and conclude she may have been the victim 30-plus years ago of an attempted sexual assault, but we’re unlikely to ever know and we’re even less likely to know if it involved Kavanaugh.

But in this world, the media look at Kavanaugh and conclude with certainty that he’s white, he's a man, and, well, that doesn’t look so good.