Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is overseeing a massive failure on the southern border, mostly because he is more concerned with using the department to support Democratic Party-approved narratives.

Mayorkas has said that an “increase in hate” on social media has proved that “the most prominent threat” facing the country when it comes to terrorism “is the threat of white supremacists.” Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland promised to dedicate more federal resources toward fighting white supremacist extremism, even as Mayorkas ignores the surge in illegal immigrant crossings at the border.

And yet, when given an opportunity to show how big a threat this was, Mayorkas came up empty. When he was asked by Republican Rep. Greg Steube of Florida if he could name a single case that he referred to the Department of Justice for white supremacy or domestic terrorism, Mayorkas had nothing to say — he either refused to name one or simply couldn’t think of one. It seems that all of those promised extra resources have not been put to good use.

Meanwhile, Mayorkas recently announced a new priority: the Disinformation Governance Board. That board will be run by a Democratic partisan who has, unsurprisingly, engaged in disinformation on behalf of party narratives. Crying “disinformation” every time they lose is the new Democratic Party strategy, and Mayorkas is now the disinformation hall monitor.

The first person Mayorkas’s new board should be examining is him. He, along with President Joe Biden and other Democrats, jumped on a completely false story about border agents “whipping” migrants, all in an effort to demonize and delegitimize border control. Mayorkas is willing to throw employees under the bus just to keep Democratic narratives about evil border agents going, even if he has to push a made-up controversy to do so.

While Mayorkas continues to pretend that nothing is happening at the border, he is delivering exactly what Biden has asked from him. Mayorkas was brought into the administration to run DHS like another political arm of the Democratic Party. In that regard, his tenure has been a resounding success. By any other metric, it is a failure.