NBA star LeBron James predictably mocked Kyle Rittenhouse for crying during his trial.

Maybe that's because in order to get James's support, Rittenhouse would have had to stab a black woman to death on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Or shoot a cop.

James took to Twitter to mock the moment Rittenhouse was overwhelmed with emotion recounting how he was being chased in the moments that led up to the shootings that he is now on trial for. James told him to “knock it off,” declaring that he didn’t see any tears and implying that Rittenhouse was faking the display of emotion.

James knows a lot about faking. After all, he made a career out of dramatically diving to draw foul calls for years in the NBA. He also has a track record of trying to convince people that he is far more educated and knowledgeable than he actually is.

But the most important takeaway is that there are plenty of things Rittenhouse could have done to win James’s support. James did support Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot by a police officer in the act of attempting to stab a black woman to death. He was incensed that the officer dared to get involved and save the other woman’s life.

James also would have supported Rittenhouse if he had violated a restraining order against a woman who accused him of sexual assault and reached for a knife while resisting arrest. That’s what Jacob Blake did before he was shot by police officers, and James is still upset that no officer was charged.

Maybe James just supports criminality and opposes self-defense. After all, when police officer Darren Wilson was assaulted by Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and shot Brown after he had reached for Wilson’s gun, James sided with Brown.

Had Rittenhouse done any of those things, maybe the NBA star who “does his homework” would take up his cause, as he did with Bryant, Blake, and Brown. But Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, and that appears to be unacceptable to James.

James is a fraud. Despite being propped up by sports media as a leading activist, he shows his total lack of understanding every time he jumps into cultural and political discussions. On top of all of that, he proudly parrots the propaganda of a genocidal communist Chinese regime. LeBron should not shut up and dribble because he’s a basketball player — he should shut up and dribble because he makes a fool of himself whenever he opens his mouth.