With a horrific violent crime wave plaguing major cities, the folly of Democrats' criminal justice policy is becoming evident. These policies, such as police defunding, bail "reform," and soft-on-crime freelancing by "progressive prosecutors" who habitually drop charges, have all failed and contributed to the explosion of violent crime the country is witnessing.

Their failure has been so severe as to awaken even the woke, at least in San Francisco.

“It’s time the reign of criminals who are destroying our city — it is time for it to come to an end,” Mayor London Breed stated this week. “And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies, and less tolerant of all the bulls*** that has destroyed our city.”

Unfortunately, Breed is part of that BS, although not as big a part as the city’s “woke” DA, Chesa Boudin. Rather than hold criminals accountable for their poor choices, Breed has habitually rationalized their behavior, like nearly every Democrat, usually blaming crime on things such as poverty and racism.

Just this past February, Breed was leading the charge to defund the police. Breed announced plans to take more than $120 million from law enforcement budgets and invest it (supposedly) in the city’s black communities.

As an example of how bad things are in San Francisco, SFPD’s Tenderloin Station tweeted about the police activity in the neighborhood over the last week. The activities included a seizure of nearly a kilo of drugs, most of which was fentanyl. It also tweeted that the police arrested 17 suspected drug dealers. But here is the catch — of those 17, 14 had been previously arrested.

Currently, high crime is normal for people in San Francisco. It remains to be seen if Breed’s contempt will result in any meaningful changes or reforms. The main thing to remember from all of this is that the woke are asleep when it comes to protecting innocent people. Hopefully, they'll wake up to that fact.