In the age of instantaneous information, when nearly everyone carries a supercomputer in his or her pocket, it will never cease to amaze that so many liberals still have no idea what conservatives believe.

Former Bloomberg Opinion columnist Noah Smith, for example, suggested this week pro-life conservatives would support abortion if only they knew how much it disproportionately affects black and Hispanic communities.

This is not an uncharitable paraphrasing of Smith’s words.

“OK,” he tweeted this week, “who’s going to be the first to let conservatives know that since people of color are disproportionately high users of abortion, banning abortion will hasten the ‘Great Replacement.’”

A brief aside: “Users of abortion” is an unbelievably strange turn of phrase. Smith makes abortion sound as if it's a membership benefit that comes with a punch card and a free coffee with every five purchases as opposed to the killing of a human being.

But anyway, conservatives routinely argue abortion is tantamount to genocide against minorities, especially blacks, so vastly disproportionate are the numbers of nonwhite babies killed. Anyone who bothers to read what conservatives write and argue knows this.

It’s downright unnerving an abortion advocate would be so cavalier about the fact that most abortions in the United States are performed on black and Hispanic children. Smith even, perhaps jokingly, sees the matter as a possible selling point for conservatives. Is he, even jokingly, courting actual white supremacists to assist the “pro-choice” movement in ensuring abortion remains a fixed law of the land? Moreover, why doesn’t the fact that black and Hispanic children are aborted at higher rates than whites alarm Smith? By his own admission, abortion is artificially depressing the number of minorities in the country. This doesn’t bother him at all?

Again, pro-lifers are very much aware of abortion's racial culling problem. They've highlighted this exact point, that abortion is wiping out entire communities, for several decades. There’s a reason why pro-life conservatives have spent years hammering the nation’s largest provider of abortions, Planned Parenthood, over its ties to its white power supereugenicist founder Margaret Sanger. And Sanger’s insanely racist ideology wasn’t just an odd personal quirk. It was fundamental to Planned Parenthood’s founding. I mean, for crying out loud, the subhead to the newsletter she edited for more than a decade at one time read, "Birth control: to create a race of thoroughbreds."

Yes, pro-lifers are very aware abortion disproportionately affects minorities and the impaired. It has been ever thus since at least the days of Sanger, and they have been arguing against it.

Had Smith spoken to literally anyone — anyone! — outside of his regular group of family and friends, he would know this. He would have discovered the error of his simplistic assumptions. He might have even reconsidered his own thinking. After all, what sort of “white supremacist” fights for the lives of black and Hispanic children? One who isn’t a white supremacist after all.

Now, as to the liberal commentator who nonchalantly credits abortion with slowing the “Great Replacement”? Well, I’ll leave you to your own conclusions.