Left-wing activists are now demanding that St. Lawrence University rescind a 2017 honorary degree awarded to Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine. Her offense was voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

More than 1,300-plus St. Lawrence alumni have signed a letter arguing the Doctor of Humane Letters degree should not be held by someone who “lack[s] the integrity and commitment to justice that we expect from the St. Lawrence body.”

“St. Lawrence students, faculty, and alumni have long fought to hear victims of sexual assault on our own campus. We have worked hard to make the voices of victims heard, create a community that is understanding of the complexities of sexual assault, and strive for a world that actively fights against it,” the letter reads.

It added: “We feel that Sen. Collins’ support of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court is not in line with the core values of St. Lawrence University and the commitments of its faculty, students, and staff. In stark comparison to her support for the ACA, her actions during the Kavanaugh nomination process have lacked the ‘careful consideration of evidence,’ the ‘value [of] diversity and [recognition of] the inherent worth of every human being,’ and the installation of ‘knowledge into action to benefit our communities’ of which our Faculty aspire.”

Collins, herself an alumna of St. Lawrence University (class of 1975), was crucial in getting Kavanaugh over the finish line. The day before he was confirmed, Collins delivered a lengthy speech on the floor of the Senate, explaining the many reasons why she came to support his confirmation. Naturally, Collins addressed the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Kavanaugh, including the charge that he tried to rape Christine Blasey Ford when they were both in high school. On that matter, Collins walked a fine line, saying she believes Ford is a genuine victim, but that there is also no evidence to show Kavanaugh is the one who committed the assault. The next day, Collins was one of a handful of previously undecided senators, including Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who voted to confirm.

This vote has made Collins a target of particularly nasty attacks, including this week when authorities were alerted after a threatening letter was delivered to her Bangor, Maine, home containing what the author claimed was ricin. The FBI has since given the all-clear.

The alumni letter arguing for rescinding her honorary degree claimed she lacks the “integrity” required of its recipients.

“[W]e find Sen. Collins to lack the integrity and commitment to justice that we expect from the St. Lawrence body. We feel that the Senator lacks the ‘St. Lawrence in Action’ that the Senator drew from her Christian Ethics class and cited in her 2017 address accepting the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters,” the letter complained.

It added: “We ask that the University revoke this honorary degree as we find that she is not deserving of it in the face of her recent actions. We ask the university to do this in support of truth and for all of the victims of sexual assault and violence, of which many of her fellow alumni and students have suffered. … We believe that she has deviated from the path that makes us proud Laurentians, and we ask that this honorary degree be revoked to demonstrate the feelings of those of us who feel we are Laurentians for life."

In addition to the alumni letter, more than 100 St. Lawrence faculty have also signed a petition demanding that the university take back its degree in retaliation for Collins’ Kavanaugh vote.

If I were one of these faculty or alumni, I wouldn’t hold my breath. A university spokesman told Fox News this week that the school has “no intention” whatsoever of rescinding the senator’s degree.