As the legacy media obsessed over the worldwide mythical rise of the "far right," they largely ignored the actual left-wing riots yesterday for "May Day" — a holiday deeply rooted in communist lore. May Day protests and riots broke out in cities all around the globe, including Seattle, Montreal, Paris, Istanbul, and Berlin, among others. Radical left-wing groups took to the streets to protest several alleged social injustices. Although some were peaceful gatherings, many turned into scenes of chaos and violence.

The first of May has been celebrated around the world for centuries. Known as "May Day," the holiday originated in revelries anticipating the coming of spring in the Northern Hemisphere — and with it, a sense of physical and spiritual renewal. Over the last century, however, this festive rite of spring has transformed into a celebration synonymous with communism, also celebrated as International Workers' Day.

In the United States, the first of May commemorates the fallout from a labor demonstration in Chicago that came to be known as the Haymarket Affair. On May 1, 1886, approximately 35,000 workers walked off their jobs to protest for an eight-hour workday. Anarchists, unionists, and socialists chose that day and the city of Chicago as the center of a national movement to improve conditions for workers.

On May 4, during the demonstration, as police dispersed a crowd of protesters, someone threw a bomb into the crowd. In response, police fired on the protesters. The clash led to the deaths of eight police officers and injured 60 more. Hundreds of people in the crowd were injured.

Today, the holiday continues with its left-wing roots but has further evolved to include contemporary ideological orthodoxy. For many years, these celebrations have been marred with riots and violence, and this year was no exception. Journalist Andy Ngo tweeted about some of the violence that occurred this year on May Day. Allegedly, Antifa contributed to much of the violence this weekend in cities such as Seattle and Portland.

Yet despite these violent attacks, many politicians and media outlets worldwide, which have publicly warned about the dangers of right-wing leaders being elected globally, are eerily silent when it comes to left-wing bloodshed and destruction.

As the history of May Day shows, left-wing violence is nothing new. But the chaos and destruction it causes are often swept under the rug or justified by politicians and the media.

It's shameful propaganda designed to manipulate and mislead the public.