A school district in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is under fire for a drag show hosted by a teacher after hours on school property.

The show featured several scantily clad drag queens performing lewd dance moves that would be inappropriate for most adults, let alone high school students. Whatever sexually deviant lifestyle a teacher wants to live on his or her personal time is their decision, but such abhorrent content has no place in schools. Parents expressed outrage at the discovery that a teacher in the school district held the show.

Drag queen performance at PA school
Picture of drag queen performance exposing male genitalia

"I first found out about this video and drag show Tuesday night from a video one of the school kids put out. I then asked my children about it, and they were disgusted and could not believe they would do something like that at their school," Stacy Hernandez, a single mother of three children in the Hempfield School District, told me.

"Initially, I was surprised that the school had allowed a drag show. Then I saw the video and began to doubt that the administration had approved this kind of show," Meredith Hilt, a parent of two children in the school district, told me. "The outfits, exposed butt cheeks, and very tight leotards with a visible bulge are not what I expected, and the dancing itself was wildly inappropriate for children. Most who defended the drag show reversed their opinion when they saw the video."

Drag show performance
A drag queen in scantily clad outfit during performance in a show at Hempfield School District in Pennsylvania

Hilt said that the teacher who organized the show "told the kids to bring money to tip the dancers." She also said the teacher emailed students the dancers' Instagram handles to support them. The school district issued a statement after many parents complained.

Message from teacher who organized drag queen show encouraging students to bring money to tip performers
Message from teacher who organized drag queen show encouraging students to bring money to tip performers

"The Hempfield School District administration was made aware of a serious situation that took place at the high school on Monday, April 25, after school hours," the school said in a statement. "Administration was notified of a concerning social media post and photo, and later videos, of a performance that occurred during an after school event for GSA (Gay Sexuality Alliance) Club students. Immediately following the notification, an investigation into the incident began."

Message by teacher encouraging students to follow drag queen performers on Instagram
Message by teacher encouraging students to follow drag queen performers on Instagram

Teachers are responsible for educating students. With that privilege comes a level of trust that they will not harm students either. However, many teachers take advantage of their positions and use their authority to impose their beliefs on students and align them with their radical ideologies. This drag show is yet another example.

"First and foremost, the administration team apologizes to students, and the community on behalf of those involved in this event. We are appalled at what took place and in no way condone this type of activity in our schools," the school district also said in the statement. "Neither the dress of the invited guests nor the performance was appropriate in our school setting."

But, while the school district expressed outrage and criticized the show, this is allegedly not the first time such a show occurred.

"Apparently this is the 3rd time (a show has happened). Parents were never aware of this. No permission slips were given. Teachers even emailed kids on the school website to bring money to tip the Queens," Hernandez said. "My oldest heard it announced over the announcements that day. He thought it was a joke."

Additionally, Ms. Hernandez questioned the sincerity of the school district's outrage and was skeptical of claims the school did not know about the show. She mentioned the security policy parents must follow before entering the school as evidence.

Teacher with drag queen show performers
Teacher who organized drag queen show at a Pennsylvania school posing with performers

"Parents aren't allowed past the double secure doors and office without background checks, but they were? The administration says they knew nothing and are appalled, but I think in order for them to be there they would have had to fill out a rental slip to use the auditorium like anyone else," Hernandez said. "That would mean they would have known."

Earlier, I warned about many of the serious concerns of GSA clubs in schools. I specified how many teachers use these clubs to brainwash students and indoctrinate them with toxic, sexualized material. However, supporters of these clubs claim they are nothing more than "safe spaces" created to make LGBT students feel welcome. An organized drag show where performers wear skimpy clothing, gyrating their genitalia in front of students, defies claims of "just a safe space." It is also indicative of the kind of wildly inappropriate things these clubs do when trying to advance the LGBT agenda.

Parents should be aware of what is going on at their children's schools. What were supposed to be centers for learning reading, writing, and arithmetic have transformed into radical left-wing indoctrination centers. Many, not all, teachers violate the boundaries of the student-teacher dynamic. Parents should not have to worry that teachers are organizing these types of sexually deviant performances. Instead of merely educating, many frequently abuse their authority to go beyond the scope of their jobs to advance radical political agendas.