The memoir of Brett Kavanaugh's high school classmate Mark Judge, which has become a discussion point in assessing sexual assault allegations during the bitter Supreme Court confirmation battle, is now selling for nearly $2,000 on Amazon.

Judge went to Georgetown Preparatory School with Kavanaugh and, according to Christine Blasey Ford, was in the room and laughed along when the Supreme Court nominee attempted to rape her.

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In trying to sort out what happened 36 years ago, many have looked for clues in Judge's book, Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk, which recounts his lifestyle of heavy drinking.

Supporters of Ford in particular argued that his account of working in a grocery store in the summer of 1982 validates her timeline, as she testified that she spotted him working in a Safeway weeks after the attack, and he acted awkwardly toward her.

The increased interest in Judge's book, particularly as Democrats argue that Kavanaugh downplayed his drinking in sworn testimony, has evidently led some booksellers to attempt to cash in.

The Amazon page for his book lists two used copies, one selling for $1,949.99 and one selling for $1,999.

Judge has denied the sexual assault incident, and is expected to speak to the FBI this week.