Georgia’s first day of early voting saw more ballots cast than ever before, showing once again that the Democratic Party’s wailing about voter suppression is nothing more than political theater.

According to election data, 27,298 Georgians voted in person on the first day of early voting for the state's primaries, nearly double the 14,950 who voted on the first day in 2020 and nearly triple the 9,266 who voted on the first day in 2018. Under Georgia’s updated election procedures, voters enjoy nearly a month of early in-person voting and can request mail-in ballots nearly three months before election day. Counties also have the option of setting longer voting hours for the early voting period and holding voting hours on Sundays.

This, in the words of President Joe Biden, is “Jim Crow on steroids.” Biden and the Democratic Party threw a tantrum when Georgia passed its voting law in 2021, as the state reconciled some pandemic reforms that made it easier to vote with reasonable measures designed to keep elections secure.

Biden pressured Major League Baseball to move its All-Star Weekend out of Atlanta as a punishment, which the league obliged. Delta's CEO declared that the law didn't match the airline's values. Coca-Cola decided that conservative policies were “unacceptable” and that the law was a “step backward.” Perhaps CEO James Quincey could give everyone an update on why he thinks a nearly 13,000 increase in first-day early voters is a “step backward” and why he thinks he is the one fighting against voter suppression.

But Biden was the worst offender. He compared the GOP to Confederates over the law and likened the Supreme Court to the Ku Klux Klan over its decision not to strike down benign voting laws in Arizona. Biden dared to ask if Republicans have no shame while he smeared them as racist supporters of Jim Crow (or Jim Eagle). Now, a record number of first-day voters shows just how insincere these accusations were.

This is nothing new. Democrat Stacey Abrams also blamed voter suppression when she lost Georgia’s gubernatorial election in 2018, despite record turnout. Biden was simply continuing that trend, and we will surely hear more cries of suppression if Abrams goes on to lose later this year, even if Georgia breaks its turnout record again. After all, record turnout still counts as "suppression" when Democrats lose or look bad.