Vladimir Putin wanted Donald Trump elected president? Well, if that's true, Putin would sell the Kremlin to Poland to get Jeremy Corbyn elected British prime minister.

After all, Corbyn is a devoted anti-American with an odd penchant for parroting Putin's talking points. Reminding us of this on Thursday, Corbyn took to Twitter to offer unique support for Julian Assange. Yes, I recognize that some Americans regard Assange as a freedom fighter and not a Russian agent. Regardless, Corbyn didn't simply defend Assange as an activist for truth. He saluted Assange by explicitly referencing themes of anti-Americanism. This came via Corbyn's retweet of a video recorded by one of his top parliamentary officials, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.

That video proves something: Corbyn and Abbott aren't just anti-Americans; they're liars in that cause. In the video above, Abbott claims that the footage from a U.S. Apache gunship in 2007 Iraq is evidence of murder of civilians and two Reuters journalists. But while Reuters journalists did die in that attack, the incident was not a war crime. As I noted back in 2013, the full video of the incident shows a different truth.

Between the 3:40-3:50 minute index, an RPG is clearly visible – hostile combatants were present. Now consider some eyewitness testimony (conveniently ignored by Wikileaks) from a soldier who was at the scene. This solider asserts that weapons were found at the location and that his unit came under fire while securing the immediate area. But Collateral Murder's damning context deficit doesn't end here. In The Good Soldiers, Pulitzer winning reporter David Finkel notes that the Apache crew was supporting a patrol that had come under fire earlier that day. The Apache crew's responsibility was therefore clear: to protect American troops and counter the evident insurgent threat.

As a side note here, if you want to understand what the U.S. Army soldiers in that area of Baghdad were facing from the insurgents, you need to read The Good Soldiers. In that superb book, Finkel describes how, when American Humvees that had just been shredded by bombs were opened up, tidal waves of limbs and blood flooded out. Those who planted those bombs against Iraqi democracy are the real criminals in this story, not the U.S. military.

Of course, it's not terribly surprising that Corbyn and Abbott side with the terrorists. Today's devoutly socialist Labour Party has a clear message: It prefers Putin to freedom, terrorists to Jews, and appeasement to deterrence.

Corbyn's top aide, for example, is a man by the name of Seumas Milne. In his earlier days during the late Cold War, Milne was the business manager for a pro-Soviet newspaper on the far-left edges of the British Communist Party. This raises a question: Which beneficiaries helped Milne raise funds for his paper? But it gets worse. In 2004, as roaming gangs of insurgents and terrorists were ripping Iraqi families apart, Milne wrote a piece saluting those killers as honorable resistance fighters. In a very sick twist, he also implied that jihadist-in-chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was an American agent.

The moral narrative is clear here.

Whatever you think of Assange, you should know that the British Labour Party is now defined by a sickness of the mind. It's a sickness made much worse by the fact that Corbyn might soon govern British government.

I fear that if and when that day comes, the special relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. will die.