In August, Vanity Fair published an article labeling Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis the "Angel of Death" because of increased COVID-19 infections. The narrative was that DeSantis was an incompetent governor whose policies led to an "unnecessary" increase in deaths.

However, Michigan experienced a new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations on Monday, the Hastings Tribune reported. Yet Whitmer has been an ardent follower of COVID-19 protocols lauded by Democrats and Dr. Anthony Fauci. Applying the same logic, this means Whitmer should be dubbed the new Angel of Death, right?

The Wolverine State reached a record high of COVID-19 hospitalizations on Monday, with 4,181 hospitalized with confirmed cases of the virus, according to the Hastings Tribune. The previous record was 4,158, set on April 19. Additionally, the Hastings Tribune reported that more than 80% of all hospital beds and 84% of intensive care units are occupied. Moreover, hospitalizations have been steadily increasing for the last 19 weeks. This has resulted in Michigan having "the most cases and highest inpatient bed use in the country."

The fact that these are the highest numbers since the pandemic began is an important tidbit of information. People are making claims vilifying DeSantis, yet Whitmer has essentially done the opposite of DeSantis when it comes to COVID-19 precautions. It reveals that the criticism of DeSantis was motivated by politics, not facts. They are just making agenda-driven assertions.

Another important caveat of this revelation about Michigan is that, allegedly, those who have been admitted to hospitals because of COVID-19 have not been vaccinated. This would also reveal the importance and benefit of getting the vaccine.

"It's almost exclusively unvaccinated," said Dr. Matthew Sims, director of infectious disease research for Beaumont Health, in an interview with the Detroit News. "Mostly critically ill, just like most of the patients admitted, are unvaccinated. We certainly know how to treat it better than we did at the beginning. We have new medications, but once a person gets sick, there's only so much we can do."

Whitmer and DeSantis have essentially been polar opposites when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions. And yet, for all of the attacks on DeSantis, Florida is doing significantly better than Michigan. The 7-day average for COVID-19 cases in Michigan is 6,822, according to the most recent data. In Florida, the 7-day average is 1,226. However, that is something that does not get reported in the media. And the fact that it doesn't should raise red flags everywhere. It also reveals the depths to which left-wingers will sink to attack anyone who opposes their way of thinking — even if the science and data refute their agenda-filled claims.

Let's prioritize the safety of our citizens instead of rushing to vilify and place blame. Especially since as each day passes, politicians, pundits, and other "experts" are consistently being proven wrong.