Each of them leads one of the most advanced and successful technology companies on Earth, but in Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, we have two very different corporate leaders.

Because Bezos is an American patriot and Pichai is a poodle for authoritarian China.

When not firing people for speaking out against group think, Google's Sundar Pichai is refusing to help America protect itself. Pichai recently suspended Google contracting with the U.S. military, because left-wing zealots on his staff demanded it. But in what can only be described as the summit of hypocrisy, Pichai has no similar qualms about working with China's regime in its efforts to suppress the truth and find ways of propagandizing its population despite the modern Internet.

Speaking on Monday, Pichai claimed that Google's exploratory search engine for China, codenamed Dragonfly, isn't so bad because it would handle "well over 99 percent of [user search] queries." Of course, what Pichai leaves out here is that the 1 percent of search queries that Google-China didn't return to its users would be those linked to truths. Truths, for example, about how badly Xi Jinping and his cronies treat their people. Even the fact that Google is considering an engagement with China represents an absolute betrayal of that which makes the company best: empowering a user-centric interface for the pursuit of all desired information. Pichai's hypocrisy gets worse: while he's happy to dance for the despots in Beijing, the CEO has no interest in testifying to Congress.

Fortunately, America also has Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

While Bezos is an aggressive businessman seeking to carve out a dominant market position in many different sectors, he's also a patriot. Consider the fact that on Monday, while Pichai was proudly defending his deference to authoritarianism, Bezos was explaining why Amazon is happy to accept U.S. military contracts. America, Bezos explained, "is a great country and it does need to be defended." Bezos continued, "If big tech companies are going to turn their back on the [Pentagon], this country is going to be in trouble."

Bezos isn't just blustering for public relations. He's a leader who has the moral and intellectual courage to work his words into action. After all, Amazon developed the CIA's new secure online cloud system. Enabling CIA personnel to communicate with each other secretly and efficiently, the cloud represents a great service to American security. More than that, it proves that Bezos has the patriotism to both earn profits and protect America.

Pichai? Well, as I said, this is a tale of two very different American CEOs.