Even though the overturning of Roe v. Wade is not official, the opinion draft from Justice Samuel Alito leaked by Politico set off a firestorm on the steps of the Supreme Court and the internet. State governments are even taking preliminary action, including a proposed constitutional amendment by California Democrats to protect “reproductive rights.”

Now, young pro-lifers need to start gearing up. Many of their peers, especially on college campuses, have strong feelings about protecting access to abortion, which could quickly turn into hostile behavior toward dissidents. Although the academic year is wrapping up at many universities, left-wing political action does not take a pause for finals week. Pro-lifers need to get ready for a barrage of protests in person and misleading infographics cluttering their social media feeds.

Conservatives must take the high road in order to change hearts and minds, or at the least better inform peers about what Roe v. Wade's overturning would actually do. It would put the question of abortion access into the hands of the states, and anybody saying it would outlaw abortion nationwide is either fearmongering or misinformed. At the very least, the passion needs to be directed toward state legislatures, not the Supreme Court.

Secondly, it’s important to have grace with people who disagree with the pro-life cause. As Alito’s draft opinion notes, “abortion presents a profound moral issue” in which one sides views the termination of pregnancy as murder, while the other sees it as a fundamental right of women. In many cases, that is a tough gap to bridge. Calling those who support abortion complacent with murder right from the start is definitely a turn-off, and it certainly would not bring anybody new to the pro-life tent. Instead, ask guiding questions, and try to keep things as civil as possible. Research beforehand and have answers to the tough questions someone might respond with.

It’s about planting seeds, not forcing talking points. Of course, this strategy only works if somebody is willing to listen rather than just shut their opponents down. Hyperpartisans are not worth anybody’s time.

As young people, it’s easy to hide our opinions or compromise values in order to avoid controversy. But it is important to share conviction with grace. Remember, if you’re standing up for life, it’s best to give the noble cause the respect it deserves.

Cameron Arcand is a columnist at PJ Media and a student at Arizona State University.