Remember all the virtue signaling and scare tactics from the Left about Georgia's new voting laws?

With still a day before primary Election Day, voter turnout has seen a 168% increase this year compared to the state's last midterm primary in 2018. The Democratic fearmongers who warned of voter discrimination have been proven wrong once again. How could there be record turnout in voting if the new laws were racist, draconian, and oppressive?

Many on the Left condemned the Georgia Election Integrity Act of 2021. They bemoaned its “oppressive nature” and predicted it would cause a massive decrease in voter turnout. They even bullied Major League Baseball into pulling its All-Star Game, which was supposed to be held in Atlanta.

"Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box," MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said at the time. Yet voter turnout showed this was all nonsense by Manfred. Clearly, no restrictions existed.

President Joe Biden called it "Jim Crow in the 21st century" and an "atrocity." Vox published an article titled "Yes, the Georgia election law is that bad." Zack Beauchamp, the article's author, stated that the law was an example of how "imperiled American democracy is." Democratic politicians, pundits, and the legacy media proclaimed it was racist and specifically targeted black people.

The Brennan Center for Justice also said the sky was falling. This organization stated that the election laws would "harm black voters most." "Given the dynamics of the 2020 election, the restrictions to voting by mail seem especially likely to hurt Black voters," the organization warned.

They were all wrong.

The surge started on the first day of voting, May 2. With still a day left before Election Day, the most recent data show that there have been 859,224 votes cast in the state's primary. To put this into perspective, only 320,692 people voted in the entire 2018 Georgia primary. This year's total is nearly three times higher. Moreover, this is even higher than voter turnout in 2020, a presidential election year.

Of course, any rational person knew not to believe the doomsday warnings from the Left. Their motivation had nothing to do with voter suppression — they just need to scare people out of voting Republican and keep as much noise and fury going as possible in order to prevent their own shady election tactics from coming under scrutiny.

In reality, nothing in the new laws suppressed any votes or made it harder to participate. In fact, the law made early voting easier. But Democrats and the Left know that all they have to do is merely claim "racism" or allege that black people are being discriminated against to get the media to parrot whatever they say. In this case, it worked temporarily, and Atlanta businesses lost an All-Star Game.

Fortunately, their despicable, race-pandering scam does not appear to have convinced people outside their own bubble.