It's amazing how bad she is at this.

Standing amid the rubble of a political career that began with riding her marriage to a Senate seat in a state where she had never lived and ended with losing the presidency to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton still cannot embrace a modicum of decency and make the most elementary concessions about her career.

She still doesn't care that she ignored the state of Wisconsin or the entire white working class that formed the backbone of her husband's electoral strategy. She still doesn't care about respecting the legitimacy of the 2016 election. And more than anything, she still doesn't have a single, genuine feminist bone in her body.

In yet another wildly tone-deaf interview on Sunday, Clinton demonstrated the total lack of self-reflection that helped drag her down. And even 20 years later, Monica Lewinsky still really gets under Clinton's skin.

As correspondent Tony Dokoupil began to note that many have finally admitted the obvious power imbalance between the leader of the free world and a 22-year-old intern, Clinton cut in: "Who was an adult." The rest, of course, went exactly as you'd expect.

"But let me ask you this," Clinton continued. "Where's the investigation of the current incumbent [president], against whom numerous allegations have been made and which he dismisses, denies, and ridicules?"

The predictable but no less jarring display of whataboutism is compounded by the fact that Dokoupil doesn't even address the elephant in the room: Juanita Broaddrick, the woman with five contemporaneously corroborating witnesses alleging Bill Clinton raped her in a Little Rock, Ark., hotel room when the former president was the state attorney general.

Once Hillary Clinton lost the presidency, many younger, liberal pundits conveniently, though correctly, re-evaluated Bill Clinton's conduct and Hillary Clinton's complicity in smearing her husband's objects of predation as "narcissistic loony toon[s]". The New York Times' Michelle Goldberg wrote a reckoning, "I Believe Juanita." Jacobin's Branko Marcetic pointed out that as far as liberal evidentiary standards go, Bill Clinton is as guilty as any of the heads taken by the #MeToo movement.

Yet the Clintons remain the poison the Democratic establishment just can't quit.

Hillary Clinton's loss could have ultimately freed the Democratic Party of the Clinton albatross constraining them from fighting Trump with no holds barred. With a credibly accused rapist and his enabler resigned to political obscurity, Democrats could have allowed the Obamas — for all of their political flaws, a paragon of the American nuclear family — to maintain the mantle of the left-wing godfathers, uncomplicated by the trail of sin spoiling Democratic credibility on the woman issue.

It would have been easy for Democrats to say, "We were wrong for defending Bill Clinton. We're letting Bill and Hillary both go and focusing our efforts on elevating our best people." Instead, they've doubled down on their personal allegiance to them, stuck two years in the past as they relitigate the 2016 election at every turn while Republicans move forward with the future.

Hillary Clinton will never learn. She's made it clear she has no interest in doing so. From the Democratic National Committee's defense of Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., to their flip-flopping standards for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, it's evident that the Clintons, both as a point of comparison and by association, will continue to taint and corrupt the Democratic Party until — or if — they're ever cast off for good.