Two apparently unconnected pieces of recent news are elements of a single phenomenon — the Democrats’ vicious strategy for winning and holding power.

First is the recent revelation that in 2016, seeking an October surprise in an election she was about to lose to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton agreed to her staff telling a left-wing media outlet falsely that the Republican nominee had a suspicious link to a shadowy Russian bank.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook confirmed in federal court that his candidate, plus adviser Jake Sullivan, who now guides President Joe Biden’s security policy, and others explained their brainwave to their boss and that she approved it. Clinton then amplified the baseless claim in a tweet, writing, “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.”

This rubbish failed to prevent Trump from winning the election but was nevertheless retailed for years by those aggrieved by his triumph. They did so while claiming they were defending American democracy from the machinations of Russia’s tyrant. In truth, however, they were undermining faith in our democratic system to an extent beyond the dreams of that very same Kremlin denizen. They helped Russian President Vladimir Putin’s election interference while flattering themselves that they were its staunchest opponents.

The other news item, coming a few days later, is that there has been record early voting in the Georgia primary.

Georgia, its Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and Gov. Brian Kemp have been excoriated by Democrats since 2018 for suppressing black voter turnout. This was first turned into a supposed national scandal by Stacey Abrams, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate beaten by Kemp.

Abrams blamed her defeat on the purging of minorities from state voter rolls. This is a normal procedure not aimed at minorities but to keep the rolls clean by removing the names of people who no longer live in the state. But it was presented as an anti-democratic plot to deny Georgians their preferred choice for the governor’s mansion.

Kemp, as governor, followed up with the 2021 Georgia Election Integrity Act, which increased opportunities for early voting while taking steps to make voter fraud more difficult. Biden disinterred Jim Crow to express his characteristically overblown outrage, and the Brennan Center for Justice wrote, “Given the dynamics of the 2020 election, the restrictions to voting by mail seem especially likely to hurt black voters.”

But a funny thing happened on the way to Election Day. Early primary voting has surged in Georgia to some 900,000 ballots, which is more than 168% higher than in 2020. Some suppression effort!

Aside from the specifics, however, what is the connective tissue between revelations at the Russia hoax trial and Georgia primary voting? It is that Democrats are willing to hurl the most vicious and baseless calumnies at Republicans in their ruthless pursuit of power. They accuse those on the Right of being racists and anti-democratic schemers and of being in league with foreign dictators.

They claim that the motive for these fathomlessly nefarious right-wing stratagems is the lust for control coupled to an authoritarian disregard for the wishes of ordinary people. The irony is that the Left hatches these accusations, which it never withdraws and for which it never apologizes, precisely because it is greedy for power and will seek victory by deploying whatever dishonest contingency comes to hand.

The Left’s calumnies against conservatives, Republicans, the Right — take your pick — just keep rolling. They are whipped up and propagated by a house-trained leftist media, and the perpetrators refuse to acknowledge their wrongdoing (in some cases, don’t even recognize it) no matter the weight of evidence. No accusation, no grotesque falsehood, is too low to be used in the battle to prevent conservative and orderly government in America.

And all the lies and fearmongering have as their starting point the aim of inculcating the idea, of making the public believe that conservative and Republican election victories are improper and illegitimate.

I mentioned last week that former President Barack Obama and now Biden, imply that people who disagree with them are merely poorly informed. There is a corollary in the vile accusations leveled against victorious conservatives and Republicans in elections. It is that those people could not have honestly garnered more votes than the party of the Left, could not have won fair and square. They must have cheated.

Polls show that Democrats are more worried than Republicans that our democracy is under threat. If they want to identify a primary cause, they should look in the mirror.