Sen. Elizabeth Warren keeps making it harder on herself. After all but ensuring that 2020 will be a drawn out genealogy project by releasing DNA to prove Native American heritage, the Massachusetts Democrat undermined her much-heralded ethics pledge: She slipped cash to the most corrupt senator in Congress.

Disclosures filed with the FEC and first dug up by Lachlan Markay of the Daily Beast, show the Warren campaign donating $5,000 to the Menendez Victory Fund. This is the same Warren who makes a show about good government and this is the same Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., who was indicted on federal charges by the Obama Justice Department.

Warren FEC

Warren certainly looks like she has been warming up for a presidential run. She released her tax returns, opened up her finances to the public, and introduced far ranging reforms to drain the swamp. But then this good government crusader decided to bankroll Menendez, a career politician credibly accused by the Obama Department of Justice of running an immigration racket.

It isn’t like Warren doesn’t know about Menendez and his ethical troubles. The senator fought charges in court for three years and only avoided hard time because of a hung jury. Not satisfied with that outcome, the bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee publicly reprimanded Menendez for trading visas to one of his political donors for flights on a private jet, rounds of golf at exclusive clubs, and hotel nights in Paris.

Either Warren missed all of this and simply doesn’t know or – more likely – she doesn’t care. Either way, Warren’s campaign wouldn’t say and did not respond to multiple calls and emails. Come 2020 though, Warren will have to explain. The senator will have a hard time criticizing President Trump while defending her decision to cover for a reeking ethical dumpster like Menendez. If Warren is lucky, he will lose.