The year now ending should have been one of the easiest ever for a U.S. president.

It was a time of international peace and economic recovery. The southern border was secure. With three vaccines in hand, all President Joe Biden had to do was sit back and follow former President Donald Trump’s vaccination program, end the mask mandates, and let the economy bounce back from a government lockdown-created recession.

But Biden couldn’t leave well enough alone. Tempted by the siren’s song of left-wing historians whispering in his ear that he could be “the next FDR,” Biden pursued a radical far-left agenda that has left the United States weaker, poorer, and much more divided than it ever had to be.

On his first day in office, Biden not only rescinded Trump’s highly successful "Remain in Mexico" policy for asylum-seekers, but he also instituted a 100-day moratorium on all deportations from the interior of the country. The message from these fundamental changes in immigration law enforcement was heard not just in Central America but throughout South America and the entire world. The result has been a humanitarian and legal disaster at the border with more than 2 million migrants arrested illegally trying to cross the southern border in the first 12 months of Biden’s presidency. Almost half of them will be released into the country, some even driven directly to their desired destination by the Biden administration.

These open-border policies have drawn migrants from all over the world, not just the nearby countries. Thousands of Haitians who had successfully resettled in South American countries a decade ago have been tempted by Biden’s soft policies to sneak into the U.S. now despite lacking any legitimate asylum claim. Thousands of these migrants have now been deported back to Haiti, the land they fled long ago, making them victims of Biden’s schizophrenic border enforcement efforts.

Soon after setting the southern border on a path toward lawless chaos, Biden then set the stage for the record inflation currently stealing hard-earned money out of working people’s paychecks every month. This is not some conservative talking point. Former President Barack Obama’s own top economic advisers, including National Economic Council Director Larry Summers, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Jason Furman, and auto bailout czar Steve Rattner, have all identified Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus bill passed this March as a key driver of inflation.

Not only did Biden’s completely partisan stimulus bill send hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of checks directly to people so they could bid up the price of everything, but it also sent hundreds of billions of dollars to states, allegedly to help them balance their budgets.

The problem is most states already had balanced their budgets and didn’t need the money. Many just passed the cash on to residents in the form of direct payments or tax cuts. This, again, only drove up demand and prices for goods and services.

The unemployment rate may be lower than when Biden took office, and wages may appear to have gone up, but after factoring in inflation, real wages are actually down since Biden became president. This is thanks to his inflationary spending and COVID-lockdown policies.

For months, voters seemed to tolerate Biden’s border chaos and rising inflation. It wasn’t until his undeniably incompetent pullout from Afghanistan that his public approval rating finally tanked. "Thanks to the way in which we have managed our withdrawal, no one — no one, U.S. forces or any forces, have been lost,” Biden boasted at a White House press conference July 8. He went on to claim that a Taliban takeover of the country was “highly unlikely." Oh, how wrong and incompetent he was.

Biden has been wrong about Afghanistan. Wrong about the border. Wrong about inflation. Wrong about everything.

A new year approaches, and voters will finally have a chance to begin to set things right in November.