CNN’s Don Lemon is a shameless hack.

So committed is he to serving Democratic interests, he'll even cheer their flip-flops.

The cable news anchor this week praised Democratic San Francisco Mayor London Breed after she announced a sweeping initiative to get tough on crime. Lemon’s praise comes not too long after he claimed spiking crime in major Democratic-controlled cities was no biggie and that the people carrying on about all the thefts and murders were doing so just to score political points.

On Wednesday, Breed announced her new anti-crime plan.

“It’s time the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end,” she said at a news conference. “And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement. More aggressive with the changes in our policies and less tolerate of all the bulls*** that has destroyed our city.”

The mayor, whose own policies, including one that defunded the police, are largely responsible for the city’s current misery, added, “To be clear, what I’m proposing today and what I will be proposing in the future will make a lot of people uncomfortable, and I don’t care. At the end of the day, the safety of the people of San Francisco is the most important thing to me. We are past the point where what we see is even remotely acceptable.”

At CNN, Lemon cheered Breed’s newfound grit and resolve.

“You’ve heard me say this stuff. It isn’t very popular,” the anchor said.

Lemon added, “She's absolutely right. It is what we have been saying, what we have been saying during the pandemic, about the rise in crime. It is what ... I have always said about crime. It is what we are experiencing here in New York City.”


In 2020, as anti-police riots marauded through major U.S. cities and crime ticked up at an alarming pace, Lemon pooh-poohed those who dared suggest the lawlessness was indeed a major threatening problem.

“It has got to be a holistic approach," he said. "Can't just be about putting a big hammer on crime. But ... we have to figure out how people got there, to where they are, and, you know, that's something that people don't like to think about politically ... because it is not easy, right?”

He added, “It doesn't help them within their reelection bid. It doesn't help them if you're on, you know, some propaganda network and you're trying to use crime as a cudgel to talk about the difference between the liberal policies and conservative policies.”

Highlighting the crime wave last year was just a political “cudgel.”

Now, it’s “absolutely right” for the Democratic mayor of San Francisco to get serious about the crime in her city, which has exploded under her watch thanks to her own policies. It's "absolutely right" for her to roll out stricter measures to combat what conservatives have been shouting about for more than a year.

Whatever Democrats do, Lemon is for it — even if he was against it previously.