Just before the 2012 midterm elections, Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J. got a nice little gift from the Obama administration. According to AP reporting from 2013, DHS delayed arresting an illegal immigrant and convicted sex offender who was an intern in Menendez's office until after the 2012 election

So, who are the Washington officials that wanted to save Menendez from a just-before-voting-day embarrassment? We don't know.

But considering that Menendez was able to benefit from apparent backroom dealing during his last election contest, we should demand that the DHS now release all documents related to this affair.

The latest polls from New Jersey suggest that Menendez retains a very slim lead over his Republican opponent, Bob Hugin. And although Menendez remains the favorite to win re-election, Democrats are increasingly concerned. They will likely be even more concerned, if transparency is allowed to rule the day.