Democrats think they got a raw deal.

Congress doesn’t represent the interest of the people, they say. They blame gerrymandering and voter ID laws, saying Republicans have rigged the game to win a majority in the House with just a minority of the vote.

Sure enough, Republicans are capable of being partisan Picassos when it comes to drawing congressional maps that favor their candidates. Drawing like this requires tolerable Republican statehouse and popular Republican governors. How do they pull that off? What is the secret super genius, masterplan that gave the GOP control of 33 governor’s mansions? Well, they do their jobs and people like them.

Morning Consult I
Morning Consult II

A new poll from Morning Consult shows that all 10 of the country’s most popular governors are Republicans. Seven of them are up for re-election this November. And this should give Republicans hope as they stare into an electoral abyss at the federal level. They may lose the House and lose ground in the Senate. Their state juggernaut, however, won’t crack anytime soon.

Republicans have shown extraordinary foresight and political acumen by running the board at the local level. Democrats have not been as disciplined. Perhaps because of centralizing tendencies, the left pays more attention to the national arena—at their own detriment.

Come November 7th, Republicans might be bruised. Even if a blue wave carries Democrats to power in Congress, there isn’t a typhoon big enough to crack the wall of GOP governor’s mansions.