With the leak of a draft indicating that the Supreme Court may finally rectify its error in Roe v. Wade, elected Democrats and their media allies are now either lying about what that would mean or are simply dumb enough to believe what they’re saying is true.

If the Supreme Court does overturn Roe — conservatives shouldn’t take a victory lap until it reaches the finish line — then abortion policy will return to the states. States that want to ban it can ban it, states that want to restrict it after a certain threshold, such as 12 weeks, can do so, and states that want to embrace abortion fanaticism can still allow it with no restrictions.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is among those liars and buffoons trying to convince people that overturning Roe would actually ban abortion rather than let states decide how to handle it.

Newsom declared that California “will not sit back” and that he is “going to fight like hell” to ensure people can have their unborn children killed in the Golden State. But nothing is going to change in California, which allows abortion up until viability (around 24 weeks into pregnancy).

New York Mayor Eric Adams, the wannabe celebrity who somehow ended up in charge of the most populous city in the country, is also “ready to fight like hell” over something that doesn’t affect New Yorkers in the slightest. In 2019, New York voted to allow abortion up until the baby is born.

The draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito said that “the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives.” So if New York wants to allow abortion up to birth and New York City wants to continue a situation in which more black babies are aborted than born, they will still be free to do so.

The only thing this ruling would do is end the deference of the courts to abortion activists whenever a state wants to bring its abortion laws in line with most of Europe. Any law that could be seen as even a minor inconvenience to the abortion industry gets dragged to court within hours of passage. This ruling would only put pro-life politicians and activists on the same ground that abortion fanatics have occupied for years.

Democrats are worried because now they will actually have to convince voters to support their increasingly radical abortion policies. So they have to instill maximum fear. Politicians such as Newsom and Adams know exactly what they are doing.