Democrats excoriate former President Donald Trump for telling the Big Lie about the 2020 election being stolen, which is fair enough. But this line of attack is rich coming from a party that refuses to face the truth on pretty much everything else. Almost no matter where you look, there’s a Democrat offering a pretzel-twisted explanation as an implausible alternative to the obvious truth.

The latest absurdity is a Democratic effort to blame corporate greed for inflation, the crisis du jour, and, sadly, for many jours to come. Press secretary Jen Psaki told the White House press corps, “When people go to the grocery store and they’re trying to buy a pound of meat … the prices are higher. That is, in [President Joe Biden’s] view and the view of our secretary of agriculture, because of … you could call it corporate greed.”

It makes no sense. If a greedy meat producer needlessly “jacked up prices during a pandemic,” as Psaki claimed, others, being equally greedy, would compete on price and take market share. Then the original greedy producer would have to cut his prices to take his business back. It’s how competition works.

A ruse many administrations turn to when faced with salient evidence that their policies are failing is to launch an inquiry. This is not to determine the real baffling cause, but to delay the dread moment when they must acknowledge what is already obvious. That’s what Biden did with energy prices, launching a Federal Trade Commission investigation to discover why gasoline prices were triple-jumping higher at the pump. The FTC ruse is a cheap way for a flailing administration, and for Democrats running scared of voter blowback, to distract attention from the fact that price inflation is a direct consequence of their policies.

Cheap misdirections of this sort, like cheap products, are flimsy, and Democratic excuse-making is laughably so. Prices are rising everywhere and on everything because Biden is hobbling commerce with red tape and forcing energy prices higher with an agenda to kill domestic oil and gas production, thus stoking the cost of shipping meat and all other goods.

Democrats are simultaneously spraying trillions of dollars onto a hot economy. Inflation being the result of too much money chasing too few goods, the Left’s incontinent spending — it demands another $5 trillion for its fatuously named Build Back Better bill — is what is really to blame for runaway prices.

Consumer inflation surged to 6.8% in November, the fastest in 40 years, yet it isn’t at its peak yet. It will jump again because the producer price index just came out at 9.6%, nearly a full point higher than October’s 8.8%. Wholesale prices feed through to what everyone must pay at Psaki’s grocery store. Expect consumer inflation above 7% in December — another Democratic pay cut.

It is not only on inflation that Democrats refuse to see the truth. Biden, when asked about spiking violent crime and property crime, blamed it not on the Democrats’ systemic denigration of law enforcement, not on the defunding of police forces in the worst-hit cities, not on radical left-wing prosecutors giving criminals a green light by refusing to charge them, but on (you guessed it) COVID-19. Again, it was Psaki who had the unenviable duty of shoveling this manure into the news, declaring that yes, the pandemic was “a root cause in a lot of communities.”

Ah, those pesky root causes! They are go-to diversions deployed by Democrats who won’t take responsibility for their own incompetence and malfeasance. Recall that “climate change” was said by Vice President Kamala Harris, before her irrelevant trip to Central America last spring, to be a root cause of 2 million illegal immigrants flooding across the southern border this year. So silly of us, wasn’t it, to think it had more to do with Biden and Harris inviting illegal immigrants to come? The president and vice president dropped policies that kept illegal immigrants out, trashed border guards trying to enforce the frontier that makes America a country, and suggested that our biggest problem at the border was that we can’t make migrants comfortable enough.

Biden has been telling us for months that inflation is transitory, but it will clearly be around for a long time yet, pilfering earnings and driving up prices and misery for ordinary people. It is no consolation to know that however long it lingers, inflation won’t outlast ridiculous excuse-making by Democrats. Theirs is a party that can’t handle the truth.