Lia Thomas may have graduated from the University of Pennsylvania last Sunday, but the battle against toxic and radical left-wing ideas rages on. The Left is desperate to normalize illogical claims under the guise of equity and equality. They have shown they will do whatever it takes to advance their agendas and do not care whose namesake and reputation they destroy along the way. Victory is far from assured. It will undoubtedly be challenging, but in order to win this culture war, conservatives and Republicans need courage.

One of the most vulnerable groups in this war is female athletes. Lia Thomas caused many to realize the magnitude of the warped thinking by many on the Left. Recent reports of transgender skateboarder Lillian Gallagher winning in the women's Red Bull competition indicate the continued challenges many women face. It is an occurrence that will continue unless enough people start resisting and protesting it. This takes courage, not pacifying complacency or excuses for why no one is doing anything.

"Everyone knows that the reason we separate men and women in certain forms of athletic competition is not because of psychological or emotional differences between men and women but is rather because of biological differences between the sexes," Dr. Robert George of Princeton University told me. "That actually makes the question of who should compete against whom in these types of competition easy: Males should compete again males, females against females."

Dr. George elaborated on the challenges Republicans and conservatives face in the days ahead. He acknowledged the many challenges because of the Left's ability to normalize what is and is not acceptable in society.

"In elite sectors of the culture, where the rules as to what may and may not be said are made, saying what's obviously true is forbidden. And the rules are enforced, often brutally, by informal — and, indeed, sometimes even by formal — sanctions," George said. "Understandably, then, people are afraid to speak the truth. Speaking it is perilous. Speaking it can put one's educational or career prospects in jeopardy, cost one cherished friendships, and even place at risk peace and harmony in one's family — subject one to abuse, vilification, defamation. Even most victims of unfairness in women's sports fear to speak the truth. Who wants to be demeaned and stigmatized as a 'bigot' or a 'phobe' of some sort?"

Republicans and conservatives face many challenges today in a society eager to silence them. In academic, social, and professional settings alike, conservatives are reluctant to express their beliefs for fear of retribution. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry and mainstream media ostracize and marginalize conservative ideas. Diversity, tolerance, and acceptance, it seems, are marvels reserved for progressive tribalists.

This has become especially true regarding women who speak out against the wave of transgender propaganda that has blanketed the country recently and threatened the longevity and existence of female athletics. Yet, despite these attacks, those on the right side of history must not relent. They must stay strong and persevere and not fold under pressure.

"Women have witnessed the cancelation campaigns against J.K. Rowling, Kathleen Stock, Abigail Shrier, and other heretics. To say, however, that I understand what makes people afraid to speak the truth out loud is not to suggest that I approve of anyone's failure to speak it. It seems to me that we all have an obligation to speak the truth," George told me.

Republicans and conservatives are speaking the truth, regardless of what the Left falsely claims. But the way we deliver the message is also important. Dr. George said it is more likely to resonate with all people if it is delivered respectfully. Whatever the method, it is a necessity to speak it. The victims of Lia Thomas and Lillian Gallagher are depending on it — as are the rest of those suffering from these woke ideologies.

"We needn't, and shouldn't, speak it harshly, or in a spirit of ridicule or bitterness. We should speak the truth in love. But speak the truth we must. And that means mustering the courage to endure the slings and arrows that are the wages of bold truth-speaking today," George said. "Truth-speaking will be harder, and more dangerous, for some than for others. But no one is excused from the duty to speak the truth. Its claim on us is powerful and universal."

There are challenging times ahead, but what Republicans and conservatives are fighting for is significant. Women must have the right to compete fairly with each other. Human civilization's cultural norms must be preserved. Having enough courage to stand up to the Left's onslaught on culture is a huge part of the process. It must happen. Women are depending on it. And the United States's moral fabric is at stake.