President Joe Biden may have hit the lowest approval rating of his presidency at 38%, but at least he is better-liked than Vice President Kamala Harris. According to the latest USA Today/Suffolk poll, just 28% of voters approve of the job Harris is doing as vice president, while 51% disapprove.

Voters were not asked to explain why they disapprove of Harris, but a recent report on Harris's efforts to help Biden on immigration shows why she is disliked by Democrats and Republicans alike:

One reflection of the White House’s struggles is the low profile of Vice President Harris, who has little role in the internal debates, the current and former officials said, including two who characterized her as “completely irrelevant.”

Biden last spring tasked Harris with addressing the “root causes” of illegal migration from Central America. She quickly fell into a political morass of Republican mockery and left-wing outrage at her calls for migrants to stay home.

Since then, Harris has mostly kept her distance from border issues, and the growing share of migrants arriving from beyond Mexico and Central America has left the root-causes strategy looking inadequate.

The “root cause” of the border crisis is President Biden’s “catch and release” policy at the southern border. As long as migrants from around the world know they will be released into the United States to go wherever they want after they are caught at the border, only more will come.

But Harris can’t admit this. So her mission to go to Central America and convince people to stay home was doomed to fail before she ever left.

It is hard being a vice president since you can’t really set any policy. But you can at least avoid your boss’s worst policies, and Harris should avoid Biden’s open borders policies like the plague.