If the House Republican Conference has a sense of decency, it will now unanimously support a resolution of censure for Georgia’s radical Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene deserves to be shunned — and, in the state’s Republican primary, to be overwhelmingly defeated.

It would be one thing if the congresswoman were merely prone to verbal blunders of the slightly embarrassing but harmless kind. Instead, Green so frequently says and does things beyond the pale, such as parroting Russian lies that Putin's invasion of Ukraine is necessary to save Ukrainians from "Nazi groups that torture innocent people, especially women and children.” According to her, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a “thug,” no ban should be instituted on Russian oil, no plane flew into the Pentagon on 9/11, former President Bill Clinton was responsible for the “murder” of John F. Kennedy Jr., who actually died while badly piloting a plane, California wildfires were started by a space laser financed by wealthy Jews, and the threesome of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi should be executed.

Greene also makes no apologies for speaking at conferences organized by virulent white nationalists who joined neo-Nazi protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, and who cheer openly for Russian murderer Vladimir Putin. And those are only a sampling of the idiocies and viciousness she has promoted.

After all of which, Republicans in the House spent more time complaining that Democrats had stripped Greene of her committee assignments than they did in castigating her themselves. Well, Greene, who also is the subject of campaign ethics complaints, in the past two weeks has given them more reasons finally to make clear she is anathema.

First, she tweeted, and then defiantly repeated, that Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, and Mitt Romney of Utah “are pro-pedophile” because they voted to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. This is not just nasty — it's vile, especially considering the actual records of those three senators. Even for those of us who think Jackson absolutely should not have been confirmed, this would have been an epithet too far to apply to the judge herself, much less to the senators who decided to go old-school by deferring to the president’s choice for the high court. (For one thing, there’s quite a difference between not punishing child pornographers harshly enough and actually supporting pedophilia.)

What’s worse is that Greene’s obsessions are so strong that she voted against funding America’s defense forces while claiming she did so because she didn’t want to cast a vote forcing military personnel to get vaccinated. Memo to Greene: The defense budget bill didn’t address that issue, so her vote against our nation’s defenses was sheer performance art.

Then again, perhaps Greene’s truer feelings about military service emerged in an April 9 interview with former cable news host Lou Dobbs. In response to a question from Dobbs, she said that to serve in the military effectively means “throwing your life away.” Even in the context of a leading question, no normal, patriotic person would have said such a thing.

Fortunately, an even better-than-normal, patriotic conservative is mounting a strong campaign against Greene in Georgia. Jennifer Strahan is an entrepreneur who put herself through college and two graduate schools before building a national company advising healthcare facilities, municipal governments, and nonprofit organizations on how to cut costs while improving patient services. One of five Republican challengers to Greene in the May 24 primary, she is garnering the most attention and polling support among them.

In a phone interview, Strahan told me that not only is Greene unable to legislate effectively because she serves on no committees and has made herself a pariah, but complaints are widespread about Greene’s poor constituent service.

“If you aren’t legislating and you are not taking care of constituents, we have to ask the question what is she doing all day?” Strahan said. “Instead, we see that she is acting out on social media and … [making] comments that parrot the Russian rationale for invading Ukraine.”

Calling herself pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Israel, and a supporter of free speech and religion, Strahan sounded particularly passionate about reining in “atrocious” government spending.

“My business is all about helping organizations [including local governments] operate as efficiently and effectively as possible,” she said, adding that her work has made her especially aware of the damage caused by federal regulatory burdens and the need to mitigate them.

“I think government needs to be held accountable,” she said.

As is easy for outside observers to see, the incumbent Greene can’t even hold her own mouth or hatefulness accountable. Greene is a discredit to Georgia and to Congress. Maybe she should be sent packing to Putin’s Georgia, half a world away. She certainly should be more welcome in the Caucasus than in the Republican Caucus.