The panic over COVID-19 in Democrat-run cities and states is running up against the Democratic Party’s frantic opposition to voter ID laws in yet another example of how insincere the Democratic rhetoric on voting laws is.

Chicago will now require residents to show proof of vaccination and a photo ID in order to enter “bars, restaurants, fitness centers, and entertainment/recreational venues where food/drink are served.” That requirement won’t take effect until Jan. 3, of course, because COVID-19 is also taking time off for the holidays.

Voter ID laws are “Jim Crow in the 21st century,” according to President Joe Biden. Democratic Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin said they were like poll taxes and literacy tests. Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock called them “unnecessary and unjustifiable” and said they were a form of voter suppression. Stacey Abrams, the two-time Georgia gubernatorial candidate anointed as the Democratic saint of voting, said those laws were designed to “scare people out of voting.”

Now, Chicago intends to enforce “Jim Crow on steroids” in order to stop the more mild omicron variant. And it would truly be Jim Crow on steroids: Not only are black people unable to get appropriate identification, according to Democrats, but black people lag behind other racial groups in getting vaccinated, including in Illinois.

So, to recap: It is racist to require an ID to vote in elections, but it is not racist to require an ID to eat in restaurants or go to the gym. Also, if a law results in disparate outcomes, it is racist regardless of intent or circumstances, unless you’re preventing black people from going to bars or recreational venues because of their vaccine status.

The popular liberal talking point of institutional racism never applies to cities that have been run by Democrats for decades, and this is one more prominent example. The government of Chicago, which has done a terrible job of protecting black residents from crime, is now engaging in what Democrats regularly decry as racism, but Biden and others won’t care to weigh in on it now.