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JOE BIDEN'S DISMAL 2024 PROSPECTS. In recent weeks, we've seen Democrats realize what should have been obvious to them all along: Joe Biden is too old to be president. And he is certainly too old to be a two-term president.

Biden is telling people he intends to run for reelection in 2024. If he won, he would begin a second term at age 82 and end it at 86 — a situation unprecedented in U.S. history. It's also concerning given the noticeable slowdown in Biden's demeanor today at age 79.

But a lot of Democrats clearly don't believe there will be a Biden reelection campaign. The 2024 presidential election is "increasingly on the minds of a long roster of ambitious Democrats and their advisers," the New York Times reported last weekend. "With Mr. Biden facing plunging poll numbers and turning 82 the month he'd be on the ballot, and Vice President Kamala Harris plagued by flagging numbers of her own, conversations about possible alternatives are beginning far earlier than is customary for a president still in the first year of his term."

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Now, a new poll shows just how bleak Biden's 2024 situation might be. In a Morning Consult-Politico survey, just 34% of registered voters say they want Biden to run again, versus 58% who do not want him to run. Those are, to risk stating the obvious, terrible numbers for a president just 11 months into his first term.

Among Democrats, 63% say they want Biden to run, versus 28% who don't — a decidedly anemic response from the president's own party. (By the way, there is an interesting gender gap in Biden's party — 70% of Democratic men say they want Biden to run again, versus 56% of Democratic women.)

Among independents, Biden's numbers are absolutely terrible: 23% want him to run again, against 67% who do not.

Biden's results are even worse than those for the man he defeated in 2020, former President Donald Trump. Among registered voters, 39% say they would like to see Trump run in 2024, when he will be 78-years-old. Fifty-six percent do not want him to run.

Among Republicans, 70% say they want Trump to run, versus 25% who don't. (No gender gap; the numbers of GOP men and women who want Trump to run are virtually equal.) And among independents, 31% want to see Trump run again, against 59% who don't.

The voters seem to be saying they would like other choices for president in 2024. That's an obvious opportunity for younger politicians of both parties who are eager to take the national stage. On the other hand, voters often say they would like other choices than the candidates they've been offered — but end up holding their nose and voting on the choice before them. The next few years will be about whether old or new will prevail.

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