Just one year ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned us that we would have just a dozen years left to transform the world's energy economy radically, or else, the rapid end of the world would be unavoidable shortly thereafter.

Now it would seem that we're down to just 11 years.

Actually, Ocasio-Cortez's literal warning was even more ominous — that the world would actually end in 12 years, now 11. But we don't have to be so cruel as to quote her directly.

Of course, we may have even less time before total planetary destruction. At the U.N. General Assembly, President Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces warned that we're already down to just 10 years. At the World Economic Forum, Greta Thunberg said we're actually down to a mere eight years of our current emissions rate before instigating a fatal 1.5 degree Celsius temperature increase from which the Earth cannot recover.

Maybe we are driving and flying our ways toward imminent death. But then, why do ecofascists both here and abroad continue to shut down carbon-neutral nuclear power plants, our most effective weapon in lowering greenhouse gas emissions? Why do they self-flagellate over their lamentations about the Western world while ignoring the global leader in greenhouse gas emissions?

Why do they insist on packing their supposed climate legislation with politically poisonous federal jobs guarantees and "Medicare for all"? And why, oh why, do they use planes to ship a Swedish child to Davos, Switzerland, instead of scientists?

Here's why: Because the world isn't ending in 11 years, and they know it. If they did, maybe they'd present a few more serious authorities on the matter with a few more serious ideas. We'll know the end is actually nigh whenever all the showboating comes to an end.