President Joe Biden’s COVID policies have been incoherent since he took office. And somehow, the problem is getting even worse.

Biden implemented “emergency” vaccine mandates only to push back the deadlines for when people would need to be vaccinated. He pushed back the deadline for large employers to have their employees vaccinated from Dec. 8 to Jan. 4, and, though the administration says that it set a Nov. 22 deadline for federal employees, the Office of Management and Budget is telling federal agencies that they can postpone firing unvaccinated employees until after the holidays.

Apparently, emergencies operate on a slower time frame, or perhaps the coronavirus spreads less quickly, when Christmas is approaching.

Meanwhile, Biden is also planning on requiring all travelers to the United States to test one day before boarding their flight, regardless of vaccination status. He is also considering requiring them to test again within three to five days of arriving in the country and requiring all travelers, including U.S. citizens, to quarantine for seven days even if they test negative or face fines.

Somehow, Biden has decided that U.S. COVID policies should be more strict now that we have a vaccine than before it existed. Well, unless you don’t want to fire your employees before Christmas, or unless you are an illegal immigrant with a meritless asylum claim crossing the southern border — that is a “different issue” according to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Biden’s COVID messaging is utterly incoherent. The same man who says that “vaccination is the single best pathway out of this pandemic” is considering forcing people who travel to the U.S. to test repeatedly and quarantine even if they are vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Biden wears his mask outside when no one is near him but takes it off to talk to people!

Children, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are forced to wear masks in school regardless of vaccination and irrespective of data showing they are safe from COVID. Meanwhile, people who cross the border illegally don’t even need to be tested unless they show symptoms — a policy approved by the self-appointed spokesman of science, Anthony Fauci.

Biden is just lost. He has no idea what he is doing or why, and neither do the people making the decisions for him. He never had an answer for COVID, and he still doesn’t.

Every restriction and every mandate he puts in place is either contradicted by data or by Biden's own actions. Biden has shown no willingness to even humor the possibility of a return to our pre-COVID normal. His incoherent response to the pandemic shows that he’s going to continue to drag this out as long as possible.