Today, President Joe Biden proved me right.

After the horrific tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin, this past December, I claimed that had the victims been predominantly black instead of predominantly white, he would have visited the city. But since the Waukesha victims were white, Biden blew them off and made up an excuse not to visit. Yet with the horrific tragedy in Buffalo, New York, where the victims were mostly black, Biden miraculously has time and is visiting the city today. His pandering is absolutely repulsive.

"Obviously, any president going to visit a community requires a lot of assets ... requires taking their resources," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at the time. Apparently, the concern over resources didn’t matter this time around. Simply put, Biden thinks he can benefit politically by visiting black victims instead of white ones.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry that Biden is visiting Buffalo. I applaud him for the visit; it is absolutely the correct thing to do. The president should be there to console the victims' families through this difficult time. But his visit is not genuine or sincere. It is politically motivated and agenda-driven. He is only visiting the area because of the skin color of the victims. It reveals Biden's lack of character.

Any skepticism of my claim should be refuted by examining Biden's recent history of responding to such tragedies.

Consider that Biden flew to Wisconsin after Jacob Blake was shot by a police officer in August 2020. In case anyone forgot, Blake is black. Biden met with Jacob Blake's family. The incident was initially portrayed as a racist act by officers and involved just one person — a person who was determined to be at fault, mind you. But Biden visited, and there were not any concerns over resources then. But for the Waukesha tragedy, in which six people were killed and 62, mostly white, were injured, Biden couldn’t make it.

"This is Biden in a nutshell. When he can exploit a terrible act for political gain, he will spare no resource in getting there," I wrote in December. "But when a tragedy undercuts his preferred narrative, the White House will pretend it never happened."

In December, a racist black man viciously attacked mostly white people in Waukesha. Biden refused to visit. On Sunday, a racist white man viciously attacked mostly black people in Buffalo. Yet, even while dealing with rising hospitalizations from the pandemic, food shortages and supply chain problems, out-of-control inflation, a war, and a baby formula shortage — the latter two issues did not exist in December — Biden is able to visit Buffalo.

This isn't a black versus white issue. Terrorist attacks against innocent people of all races are wrong. And I firmly believe that the perpetrators of both attacks should suffer the strongest possible punishments under the law. If it were my choice, I would sentence both to be executed.

The main issue, however, is the disgusting way Biden and Democrats politicize and prioritize tragedies depending on the skin color of the victims. When it suits his political agenda, the president visits. When it doesn't, the president doesn't have time. It's abhorrent, and everyone, regardless of political affiliation or ideology, should call President Joe Biden and Democrats out on it.

Biden is using the victims of this tragedy for a political agenda. He is using this to advance an agenda, stimulate his political base, and continue to fearmonger about the dangers of white supremacy in the United States — even though he was eerily silent about every racist attack committed by black men over the past few months. Anyone who refuses to acknowledge this is either in denial or willfully ignorant.

All victims of racism, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity, matter. It's time someone lets Biden and his comrades know this. More importantly, it's time the entire country stops falling for these manipulative political and divisive acts from Biden. Biden repeatedly shows us the morally depraved human being that he is. It’s time we start believing him.