President Joe Biden has worked to present himself as the moderate alternative to the progressives in his party. If you're paying attention, his attempt to do so falls flat. Biden's slow, grandfatherly mannerisms may work to make him appear less threatening. But the truth of his leftism has been evident since before he was elected president — even on the issue of abortion.

For some Never Trumpers on the Right, Biden's biggest appeal is that he isn't Donald Trump. That is hardly comforting given the state of our nation. Former President Donald Trump has many flaws, and the GOP should surely move in another direction going forward. But to choose Biden, who has been clear about his support for abortion, is to ignore basic morality. There are many facets to the Republican Party, but the protection of unborn life has been fundamental. On the other hand, the Democratic Party is unapologetically supportive of abortion. Those who value life may be disgruntled with the GOP, and rightly so. But this frustration should not push them toward those who want to preserve the destruction of the innocent.

It is difficult to imagine a true conservative casting a vote for Biden. Maintaining the mantle of pro-life in both principle and legislation is of the utmost importance. Voting for someone who supports abortion, whether for one cycle or more long term, is simply inexcusable if one is pro-life. Even an intense dislike of Trump is not reason enough to do so.

On the campaign trail in June 2020, then-candidate Biden tweeted his promise to "codify Roe v. Wade and protect a woman's constitutional right to choose." His intentions were clear. In response to the Supreme Court leak, the president's statement referenced precedent and encouraged voters to "elect more pro-choice senators and a pro-choice majority in the House." This is both unsurprising and lacking in moderate tone. Biden's feelings on abortion have been clear.

During Trump's administration, Jan. 6 was a stain on our nation and its democratic process. There should be no applauding of that day, its supporters, or the former president who continues to believe a 2020 victory was stolen from him. At the same time, those problems do not overshadow the destruction of the innocent by way of legal abortion in the United States. Millions upon millions of "inconvenient" lives have been taken because of a decision made in 1973. That decision is one that Biden and his peers are doggedly determined to protect. That alone is enough to withhold support from a candidate. Not being Donald Trump has never meant a politician is honest, moral, humble, or worthy of support.

Any attempt by conservative Never Trumpers to place themselves in a positive light for supporting Biden is pointless. This was true at the time of the election, and it is true now. Given the Supreme Court leak and the Democratic response, there can be no excuse for supporting a politician who is in favor of expanded, protected abortion access. The basic right to life is the highest ideal. It ranks higher than disliking Trump and rejecting the MAGA mindset.

There is a myriad of reasons to criticize Trump and encourage the GOP to move past his brand. There are even more reasons not to support Biden and his vision for the country. And the top reason remains his continued, radical support for abortion.

Kimberly Ross (@SouthernKeeks) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog and a columnist at Arc Digital.