As a candidate, Joe Biden was extremely critical of President Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic. His campaign criticisms include saying he should be disqualified from running for reelection for the number of deaths that happened while Trump was in office. However, as president, Biden has sung a different tune. In fact, he has repeated Trump’s claim that COVID response must be handled at the state level. By the way, this is a direct contradiction of the claims made by candidate Biden.

“Look, there is no federal solution,” Biden said on Monday. “This gets solved state level.”

If this sounds familiar, if it sounds like another president, that’s because it is. When in office, Trump stated it was up to the states to lead the fight against COVID. Biden, who has a history of plagiarism, appears to be “borrowing” from Trump’s strategy.

Trump insisted the federal government was to act as a “backstop” to states’ endeavors. This drew the ire of many governors. Others claimed it was indicative of Trump’s failed leadership and incompetence during a global crisis. However, Biden now champions states’ efforts over a "federal solution."

This is the same person who said, “We’re eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan to get this virus under control. I do.” Except, Biden didn’t. And, apparently, he never thought he was supposed to.

Biden also previously tweeted that Trump bears “full responsibility for the failed national response.” Moreover, Biden tweeted that because of said response, he should be held “accountable” in the November election. We now know that was all political theater, appealing to the fear of the masses during a pandemic.

It is utterly reprehensible for Biden to have the audacity to make such comments. He repeatedly told millions and millions of people that Trump failed the country by not utilizing the federal government. Biden made bombastic claims of how he had a plan to fight the virus and that he could end the pandemic. Now, as president, he is saying the same thing he criticized Trump for — saying it was up to states to solve it, not the federal government. After a record number of cases and hospitalizations and repeatedly failed pandemic initiatives, all of a sudden Biden is opposed to an overreaching federal government.

All it took for Biden to abandon his big government beliefs was hundreds of thousands dead under his watch.