Joe Biden owes an apology.

What he said on the campaign trail about the pandemic was not true. He said he had a plan to stop the pandemic — to shut the virus down. Now, after a year in office, it's clear he was full of malarkey, making promises he had no ability to keep. Either way, Biden has been a failure and owes the country an apology.

Biden promised there wouldn’t be a need for mask mandates, then he announced a mask mandate. He promised that the vaccinated could not contract or spread the coronavirus. He said in an October 2020 presidential debate that any president who presided over the deaths of 220,000 “should not remain as president of the United States of America”

“The president still has no comprehensive plan,” Biden also said at that time. And as the first calendar year of his first term, it's clear that Biden lacks both a comprehensive plan and comprehension, period.

“I would make sure we move in the direction of rapid testing and investing in rapid testing,” Biden said during the debate. Yet, a recent report revealed that the Biden administration rejected a mass rapid-testing plan back in October, calling for “experts to manufacture and send over 700 million rapid COVID-19 at-home tests." Experts requested these tests because of an anticipated surge in cases during the holidays, for which Vice President Kamala Harris said the administration was not prepared for.

“We did not have capacity to manufacture over-the-counter tests at that scale,” a Biden official said at the time, even though rapid testing is what Biden promised to get elected.

Biden sold people a bill of goods. Like the demagogue he is, he appealed to voters' fears amid a pandemic. But, after a year in office, it has become apparent that they were promises he had no means or intention of keeping. And candidate Biden demanded a level of accountability for the high number of COVID cases and deaths that Biden can only hope the voters forget about the way he forgets about things.