Karine Jean-Pierre will take over as White House press secretary after Jen Psaki used the position to springboard herself to an MSNBC television job. While President Joe Biden has claimed to be a great unifier, bringing civility and respect for norms back to the presidency, Jean-Pierre’s promotion is the latest proof that Biden’s act is a fraud.

Jean-Pierre is one of the many Democrats who declared the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race to be illegitimate because she didn’t like the results. In reality, Republican Brian Kemp beat Democratic darling Stacey Abrams by more than 54,000 votes, a margin wide enough that it didn’t even trigger an automatic recount. Abrams contended, without evidence, that she lost because of “voter suppression,” even though the state saw record turnout.

Jean-Pierre went as far as to say that Kemp “stole” the election. When one of her stolen election tweets began making the rounds, Jean-Pierre turned off replies but left the tweet up, presumably meaning she continues to believe that the election was stolen from Abrams.

Jean-Pierre has also labeled her political opponents as racists, the favorite smear of the Democratic Party. She declared that Fox News “was racist before coronavirus, they are racist during the coronavirus, Fox News will be racist after the coronavirus.” She did this as a guest on the show of MSNBC’s favorite racist conspiracy theorist, Joy Reid.

What did Fox News do to earn this outburst? Some Fox hosts labeled COVID as a Chinese coronavirus. Jean-Pierre decided putting a geographic label on COVID would lead to “xenophobia and racism,” opting to parrot Chinese propaganda to criticize Fox hosts for correctly blaming the Chinese government for causing the global pandemic.

Biden postured himself as the unity candidate in the 2020 election despite his decadeslong career of sowing division. He painted former President Donald Trump as a threat to norms, while he has tried to delegitimize elections in Georgia and Texas. He has compared Republicans to segregationists and has peddled the same “voter suppression” myths that Democrats used to excuse Abrams’s loss. This is how he wants to present his administration.

Whenever Jean-Pierre tries to use the White House’s platform to talk about Republicans questioning election results or about uniting the country, she will be just as hypocritical as Biden himself. That makes her the perfect spokeswoman, at least until she uses the job to get her own television gig.