Two months have passed since Karen Monahan came forward with allegations that Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., physically and verbally abused her. In this time, we've seen a masterclass in how a political party uses victims of abuse, not to promulgate justice, but as pawns.

The chairman of Minnesota's Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, Ken Martin, finally addressed the allegations against Ellison, the deputy chair of the DNC and the front-runner in the race for Minnesota's attorney general.

"We conducted an outside, independent investigation, and that investigation showed we could not substantiate her claim of domestic abuse. And so I do not believe her — I believe our investigation," Martin said. So much for believe all women.

Consider, Monahan has multiple witnesses corroborating that she told them of Ellison's abuse at the time it occurred. She has a doctor's note documenting her emotional distress related to the abuse. Most damningly, in text-message exchanges reviewed by CNN's KFile, when Monahan texted Ellison, "Keith, We never discussed — the video I have of you trying to drag me off the bed, yelling get the f*** out now, calling me a bitch and saying I hate you bitch," Ellison did not refute her claims of physical abuse.

Compare that to the Democratic Party's cri de coeur for Christine Blasey Ford. Her allegation that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her was taken at face value by Democrats, despite there not only being a total dearth of contemporaneously corroborating witnesses, but also every person she cited as attending the party where she alleged the assault said that they had no recollection of a party like that ever even happening.

At least some in the Democratic Party have made it clear that the #MeToo movement is a farce to them, plain and simple. They will shift evidentiary standards from "believe all women" to "beyond a reasonable doubt" and back again based on the political capital at stake, and with Ellison, that stake is significant.

Not only is Ellison an intersectional star of the DNC, but he was also supposed to join the state Attorney General's Resistance Guild in November. But even though the DNC has remained silent, evasive, or in denial regarding the Ellison allegations, the public knows better.

Ellison's persistent lead, at times in the double digits and as early as last month still at five points, has fallen to a deficit. Republican candidate Doug Wardlow now leads by 7 points, according to a Star Tribune/Minnesota Public Radio News poll.

Even if the powers that be at the DNC wish for Ellison's woes to go away and for the #MeToo movement to be safely cordoned off with the Women's March and pink pussy hats, perhaps the public at large is waking up and understanding that justice isn't about simply believing women when it's convenient, but rather caring about justice, for both the innocent and the victimized.