The shockwaves from the revelation that the Supreme Court might finally overturn Roe v. Wade have caused many liberals, Democrats, and other left-wingers to go into violent rage across the country.

They have proclaimed that a potential reversal is an attack on women. They have declared it is an abuse of power. They have bemoaned that it is an infringement of rights. They have labeled it nearly every type of grievance possible without ever acknowledging any concern for those that suffer the most from abortion — babies.

Despite their inflammatory claims, babies' lives do matter.

When lamenting the potential reversal of Roe v. Wade, the Left routinely pivots away from the actual victims of abortions. This brainwashing is done purposely by the Left to make women feel marginalized and manipulate their emotions to gain political power. If they ever addressed the issue of the actual human life that is terminated in abortion, the result would be completely different.

Proponents of baby-killing frequently claim the government has no rights over the female body and should not deny a woman's right to choose. But why is a woman's right to choose given precedent over an innocent baby's right to live? Why is the potential for sexual promiscuity prioritized over the respect and sanctity of innocent life? Because, ultimately, that is what the pro-choice movement is about — even if they try to hide such or refuse to admit it.

We should not be fooled by the left-wing narrative that abortion is a female issue. I have often heard the claim that men should not have a choice on abortion because the baby grows inside a woman's body. However, that is flawed reasoning. Even though no baby can ever be conceived without a male, the crux of this debate is the preservation of human life. That is not a male or female issue; it is one of morality.

Unfortunately, the Left has dominated and controlled the narrative in popular culture regarding abortion. The messaging is predicated on women's rights instead of the rights of the unborn — the actual human beings harmed by abortion. It is one of the reasons why images of aborted fetuses are never used in crafting the pro-choice narrative. If the public became aware of the horrors associated with this infanticide, it could legitimately be argued public opinion would shift strongly against abortion.

Using abortion as a method of birth control is an immoral practice. Just as every person has a right to live outside the womb, so do babies inside the womb. It is time to switch the narrative on abortion and prioritize protecting those that are at risk of being killed. Babies' lives matter, and that is something that should never be ignored or forgotten. That is why Justice Samuel Alito is correct in his draft opinion and Roe v. Wade should be overturned.