Major League Baseball has decided that it will move its All-Star Game to Denver, Colorado. It’s a lesson for residents of Atlanta: You get what you vote for.

Democrats consistently lied about Georgia’s new voting law, calling it “Jim Crow on steroids” and pretending that it restricted voting rather than expanding access. So MLB moved its game from a city with a majority black population to a city where over 75% of residents are white.

So much for "equity."

To be clear, Georgia’s new voting law is less restrictive than that of most states. It is only barely more restrictive than Colorado's. The only major differences are that Colorado allows same-day voter registration and that the state mails ballots to all voters, whereas, in Georgia, voters need to request a mail-in ballot to receive one. Both states require voter ID. Colorado also has fewer days of early voting.

This is, apparently, the grand difference between Jim Crow and liberal paradise.

Meanwhile, Cobb County projected that it would lose out on over $100 million in tourism revenue due to the game being moved out of Atlanta, at a time when any county would love a revenue boost after the pandemic. Cobb County also backed President Joe Biden by 14 points last November. This is what both Atlanta and Cobb County voted for.

Democrats lied about the Georgia bill because they want a federal takeover of elections through H.R. 1. They also thought that pushing a boycott would hurt Republicans, as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer showed when he blamed Republicans for hurting the state’s economy rather than the Democrats and corporations who pushed the MLB to boycott.

Democrats were happy to throw Atlanta residents and businesses under the bus in their pursuit of federal power. Stacey Abrams only opposed the boycott because she doesn’t want voters to hold her responsible for it ahead of her second run for governor. Biden and Schumer, meanwhile, were happy to lead the charge against Atlanta in pursuit of a political advantage.

Portland and Minneapolis learned the hard way that electing spineless, leftist cowards to run their cities leaves them with less police funding and more riots. Now, Atlanta can see that Democrats will happily sacrifice residents' interests in pursuit of national political goals. Atlanta takes a backseat to the centralization of power in the federal government, so long as Democrats believe they can advance the cause by punishing Atlanta.