The racial agitators known as Black Lives Matter duped thousands of people into donating to their group to stop alleged racial injustices. Yet the people who seemed to benefit the most were the friends and family of one of the group's founders.

Based on the latest revelation about the organization's finances, the only black lives that mattered were those of co-founder Patrisse Cullors and her immediate family and friends. Tax documents revealed that she gave them millions of dollars in contracts to perform unspecified jobs for the scandalous group.

Cullors previously came under fire after reports revealed she spent millions on multiple extravagant real estate purchases using BLM’s donations. Now comes the latest story that Cullors helped make those closest to her wealthy. This means that while numerous minority-owned businesses were destroyed by the rioting and looting that was inspired by BLM, Cullors used money donated to the group to elevate the lifestyles of herself and her loved ones.

The records released Tuesday highlighted that Cullors was the main person responsible for how the group spent its money. It also showed that her former romantic partner, family members, and buddies received contracts from BLM that were worth millions of dollars, the Washington Examiner's Andrew Kerr reported. Given these recent disclosures of how the group actually spends its donations, it raises the question of what BLM really should stand for. Is it “behind laundering millions”? Or is it “buy large mansions”? Because, based on its spending, it most definitely does not stand for what its name suggests.

Whatever its meaning, at BLM, nepotism pays extremely well.

Consider the facts. Cullors's friend and member of the group's board of directors, Shalomyah Bowers, owns a consulting and managing company that BLM paid over $2 million. Her child's father, Damon Turner, has an art firm, Trap Heals, that was paid nearly $1 million for "work" with BLM. He was given $969,459 for unspecified work, tax documents showed. Her brother, Paul, was paid $840,993 for "professional security services," whatever that means.

It must be nice to almost become a millionaire just by protecting your sister.

It's a pretty safe assumption that nearly everyone who contributed to this deceitful organization did not think their donations would be used to buy mansions or enrich the co-founder's family and friends. The group stoked a great divide in the country, ripping the country apart. Under the "Black Lives Matter" banner, rioters and looters caused billions of dollars in damage throughout the country — much more than the ballyhooed Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Yet rather than help her community, or the actual people she claimed she wanted to help, Cullors looked out for her own. It’s just the latest proof that BLM is a total sham that exploited the emotions of "woke" people and dead black men for its own benefit.